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2010/2011 Big 12 Wrestling Predictions: 285

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by , 09-09-2010 at 09:39 PM (1971 Views)

1. Dom Bradley (Missouri)
2. Alan Gelogaev (Oklahoma State)
3. Tucker Lane (Nebraska)
4. Nathan Fernandez (Oklahoma)
5. Kyle Slifka (Iowa State)

Dom Bradley is a guy who spent the last two years as a back up but in all likelihood was good enough to have been an All American during either of them. Has had a bunch of nice wins in limited action, best known of which probably coming over his teammate Mark Ellis. Had a nice win over Tomei last year off the top of my head. Has made the senior national team in freestyle each of the last two years and then won Junior Worlds in freestyle two years ago. Seemed to have some conditioning issues at times but I think that solves itself just naturally now that he's going to be the guy in the line up rather than cycling in and out.

One thing I think that serves Gelogaev very well in his move up from 197 (other than being able to eat which he apparently wasn't able to do last year) is that other than Bradley the guys he's wrestling within the conference aren't that big so he won't be overwhelmed by bigger guys. Came in last year with an unreal amount of hype and spent most of the year not exactly living up to it. Great with his upper body trips and throws, but seemed listless at times when he would have trouble getting to them. Major wind issues in terms of his weight cut. Showed decent fundamentals from the bottom position last year but was pulling so much weight to where he'd come up off bottom once but if he got returned down to the mat (which most good top guys are able to do at least once) he'd be so tired to where he couldn't get away. Despite all that he still came through at NCAA's next year and got himself up on the podium.

Tucker Lane is a guy who has that has been around a long time vibe. He's a guy who has spent most of his career ranked in the high teens and just wrestling solid overall against pretty much everyone. Wins most of his matches and in the matches he loses he gives a good account of himself. Like I alluded to when talking about Gelogaev he's a smaller heavyweight.

Fernandez started last year off hot when he knocked off his in-state rival and eventual NCAA runner up Jared Rosholt during an early season tournament. Over the rest of the year much like Tucker Lane he was a guy who was just solid. I've got him below Lane because Lane won their matches last year and from what I recall won their matches two years ago as well.

Much like several other guys in the Iowa State line up Slifka is a guy who I know nothing about. Most fans probably would have expected this to be Eric Thompson but he apparently had grade issues and is no longer with the program (and may not even be at Iowa State anymore based on rumors). Big shoes to fill stepping in for NCAA champion David Zabriskie.