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2010/2011 Big 12 Wrestling Predictions: 197

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by , 09-09-2010 at 05:26 PM (1924 Views)

1. Clayton Foster (Oklahoma State)
2. Brent Haynes (Missouri)
3. Jerome Ward (Iowa State)
4. Cameron Browne (Nebraska)
5. Keldrick Hall (Oklahoma)

Kicking things off here we've got Clayton Foster making his return to the 197 weight class after a very successful sojourn down to 184 last year where he got on the podium for the first time during his career. He did a nice job last year running scores up on guys more so than he had in the past. Had some inconsistency issues in the middle of the season that were related to some kind of injury if I recall correctly. Was tough both as a freshman and a sophomore up at 197 just didn't have things work out for him at NCAA's. Now that he's got an AA finish under his belt I like him to continue with that consistency this year as a senior.

Haynes wound up in an interesting situation last year as he went out in the Round of 12. Last year four out of the five wrestlers in this weight from the Big 12 were All Americans, Haynes being the only one who wasn't. He was sent home in the Round of 12 by his Big 12 conference mate Eric Lapotsky so with a different draw its possible that the Big 12 puts all five guys on the podium last year because Haynes was wrestling really well at the end of the year last year. Was kind of up in the air about where where exactly he was going to go coming into this year (much like last year) but I like 197 for him this year. Don't see him beating the OK State guy at either weight in the conference and 184 is a much tougher weight nationally.

Coming into this season Jerome Ward is one of the most intriguing guys in the country at least for me just because I want to see if he's able to harness the unreal physical ability that he has with 13 extra pounds now that he doesn't have to cut. He showed flashes last year after a really bad freshman year beating Phil Keddy (I want to say twice) and beating Mike Pucillo. Even with those big wins though he was very inconsistent including the bad loss to Erich Schmidtke at Big 12's that forced him to rely on a wild card to make NCAA's. 13 more pounds may do well of curing him of the concrete feet that he's suffered from over the last couple of years.

Browne has some big shoes to fill stepping in here for 2x NCAA runner up Craig Brester. His brother Brandon took at least a year to get his feet underneath him before spending his last couple of years as one of if not the most underrated wrestler in the entire country. Sure the Huskers would love it if he's able to step in here and replicate that kind of success.

Don't really know anything about Keldrick Hall. Gave Browne the nod over him here just based on pedigree so its definitely feasible to see him move up at least one spot if not two if Jerome Ward is still the same guy.