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2010/2011 Big 12 Wrestling Predictions: 184

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by , 09-09-2010 at 01:19 PM (1722 Views)

1. Chris Perry (Oklahoma State)
2. Josh Ihnen (Nebraska)
3. Mike Larson (Missouri)
4. Erich Schmidtke (Oklahoma)
5. Cole Shafer (Iowa State)

One of the easier picks for conference champion here in this conference and my choice to be the best freshman this coming season in the conference we've got Chris Perry heading things off here. Very different wrestler stylistically from his brother Mark. Doesn't really funk around a ton, just goes out hits his pretty sweep single and racks up points. Don't know what his record was as a redshirt last year, don't really recall him losing much if at all. Had another great summer wrestling freestyle making the Junior World team at 84 kilos for the second year in a row and putting up a strong showing at US Nationals where he placed 4th I believe including another win over Quentin Wright who he's dominated in freestyle.

I mentioned when I talked about Kolb that I came into last season really high on Ihnen and it took him almost the entire season for him to get to the level where I (and I assume others) thought he would be at coming into the year. May have been a little bit of an adjustment thing for him, one thing I remember noticing is that he was shooting from a long way away earlier in the year, something he could get away with in the past but obviously not at this level. The stiff competition that he saw at this weight last year should serve him well going forward.

Mike Larson comes into Missouri after transferring from Cal Davis where he was a surprise Pac-10 runner up last year after he upset Zack Giesen in his conference semi final. Not really a guy I know a whole ton about unfortunately but coming into Missouri where they've had a reasonable amount of success at this weight can only really serve him well.

Schmidtke got off to a nice start during the early part of the season last year, at one point he was 11-5 and either in or close to being in the bottom part of the top 20 at 184. His problem is that from the time he was 11-5 to the end of the season he went 3-13. He was an NCAA qualifier last year with a big win over Jerome Ward at Big 12's last year being the major contributing factor as it allowed him to steal an auto qualifier spot. Good things are happening at Oklahoma and he is a young guy so he's someone like Larson who has the potential to move up here.

Shafer is a guy I know nothing about. This was supposedly going to be Boaz Beard who had a nice redshirt year last year including some big wins at Midlands but he decided that he wanted to play baseball instead and transferred.[/QUOTE]