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2010/2011 Big 12 Wrestling Predictions: 157

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by , 09-05-2010 at 12:35 PM (1974 Views)

1. Trent Weatherman (Iowa State)
2. Dan Gonsor (Missouri)
3. Neil Erisman (Oklahoma State)
4. Matt Lester (Oklahoma)
5. Tyler Koehn (Nebraska)

Kick things off here with the redshirt freshman from Iowa State, Trent Weatherman who will be one of the bright spots for what in all likelihood will be a pretty difficult season in Ames. He spent last year down at 149 as a redshirt where he wrestled well and I expect him to build off that coming into this season at this higher weight class. Lot of upside.

Gonsor comes into Missouri after transferring from Virginia where he was an NCAA qualifier last year. He's a tough guy overall, probably at his best on top. One result that sticks out to me last year was when he tech falled Bonilla Bowman 16-0, just ran tilts up on him all day.

The possibility exists that this could be Albert White here for the Cowboys and Erisman is out of the line up, or with Alex Meade gone for the first semester it could still be Albert White and we see Erisman who has been down at this weight for a long time going up to wrestle at 165. You basically know what you get with Erisman. Serviceable on the feet, and very tough on top. For the most part he's a very similar wrestler to Gonsor.

Here we have the other Lester brother. He's a guy who sets up well for success here for the Sooners in the future much like his brother for many of the same reasons. He's just got a tougher weight class this year which is what keeps him in the #4 spot in comparison to his brother who I have in the finals.

Koehn was a guy who you really didn't expect to see in the line up last year given that Nebraska's original plan was to have returning national champion Jordan Burroughs occupying this spot but once Burroughs ripped his knee up, Koehn stepped in. Was decent, but unmemorable.