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2010/2011 Big 12 Wrestling Predictions: 149

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by , 09-04-2010 at 01:57 PM (2174 Views)

1. Jamal Parks (Oklahoma State)
2. Nick Lester (Oklahoma)
3. Brandon Wiest (Missouri)
4. Nate Carr Jr. (Iowa State)
5. Chris Hacker (Nebraska)

Coming into the season anyway its really looking like its going to be Jamal Parks and everyone else here at this weight within the conference. Parks is a guy who has been solid for two years down at 141, he spent most of last year ranked in and around the top 5 going into NCAA's as the #2 seed after winning his first Big 12 championship. Still has an issue with consistency though. Wonderful athlete, very explosive but he doesn't use it all the time. He's a guy who can be kept down on the mat best displayed last year when Marion ( who isn't exactly Anthony Robles on top) rode him like a mule en route to the upset win that gave the Iowa v. Oklahoma State dual to Iowa. It'll be interesting to see how the move up affects his consistency if at all.

This is actually going to be the last weight (at least for a while I think) where I'm picking an all Oklahoma final but of the rest of the guys here I like Nick Lester to be in the finals opposite Parks. He's got a lot of things working in his favor here. He came out of high school highly regarded and had a good redshirt year last year. He wrestled pretty well in freestyle this spring. And he's got a ready made partner in his brother Matt who you'll see when I put the 157 rankings up. Going to be tough for the Sooners here, if Parks' inconsistency bites him at the wrong time you could definitely see Lester pull a Jarrod Patterson here and win the conference as a freshman.

Wiest was here last year for the Tigers. He was solid but not necessarily spectacular spending some time ranked in the bottom part of the top 20. He's a guy who unfortunately I really don't have a ton to say about here.

I found it odd looking at line up projections to see Nate Carr all the way down here given that he's wrestled as high as 165 during his career, but if Weatherman is too big to get down here effectively (and I'm guessing he probably is) then if Carr wants a spot in the line up this is probably the place he's going to have to come and find it. Biggest thing for him will just be managing his weight, if he's able to do that he's talented enough to where he could possibly crash the finals here. Seems like a guy destined to have a boom or bust season.

Hacker wrestled here for Nebraska last year and I may be underrating him (but I really don't feel like going back to look at stats) the only thing I really remember about him is that he wrestled Mario Mason pretty tough in Minnesota's dual against Nebraska but he lost 3-1 on a late TD. He's got a higher floor than a guy like Carr (meaning he's less likely to have an awful season) but I think his ceiling is also lower too.