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2010/2011 Big 12 Wrestling Predictions: 133

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by , 09-01-2010 at 06:43 AM (2603 Views)
1. Ladd Rupp (Oklahoma State)
2. Jordan Keller (Oklahoma)
3. CJ Napier (Nebraska)
4. Nathan McCormick (Missouri)
5. Ben Cash (Iowa State)

Get used to the theme of Bedlam matches here in my predicted finals because there are going to be quite a few of them. Here I've got Rupp winning what looks like its going to be a very cleared out weight class here as a redshirt freshman. Initially he was a guy who was expected to battle it out with Morrison for the 125 spot since Oliver was expected to be here. If Oliver moves up this coming year (like he should) that should open up a slot here in the line up for Rupp. Like Morrison he was solid as a redshirt and then came out and wrestled well in freestyle this spring. With Oklahoma State pushing for a title this year the possibility could exist that you see one of a pair of true freshmen here either Josh Kindig or Nick Schenk.

Jordan Keller redshirted here for the Sooners last year. Don't know a ton about him to be completely honest but he's looking like the guy who will step in here as last year's starter Kendric Maple takes a redshirt. I suppose the possibility exists that this could be Alex Ekstrom or another one of the young lightweights that the Sooners seem to have in spades right now.

Napier is a guy who I see kind of in the same vein as David Klingsheim. Stepped in last year as a true freshman and took his lumps a little bit because he wasn't quite physically ready to compete at this level. With another year having passed by he's someone who is talented enough to put up a solid season this year. This weight is wide open in my opinion and if he gets hot Napier is a guy who can definitely take this weight class.

McCormick is a guy like Napier who returns to the line up this year having filled this same spot last year for his team. He had some issues last year especially against the higher level guys at the weight class. It took Tyler a few years to make an impact in the Missouri line up so you've still got to figure that McCormick has a shot at breaking out here.

I want to say that Cash redshirted last year, even if he didn't with Nick Fanthorpe here you really didn't see him at all last year. He's a guy who will have his work cut out for him a little bit but again, if he's going to be a surprise guy here in the conference this is definitely the weight class to do it in.