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2010/2011 Big 12 Wrestling Predictions: 125

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by , 08-31-2010 at 09:14 PM (2937 Views)
1. Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma)
2. Jon Morrison (Oklahoma State)
3. David Klingsheim (Nebraska)
4. Alan Waters (Missouri)
5. Patrick Hunter (Iowa State)

Patterson is a guy that peaked in a really impressive fashion last year at the Big 12 tournament winning this weight class in a pretty big upset in the finals over Andrew Long. He came along and just steadily progressed through out the year. He was wrestling well enough that he could have been an All American had he not drawn Brad Pataky in the first round last year. Sammie Henson knows how to coach lightweights and he seems like a guy who has bought in, so I expect another good season.

Morrison had a good redshirt year last year after coming in highly recruited out of Illinois in high school and then continued on and had a good spring wrestling freestyle in age group level. Its basically a toss up in my opinion here between him and Patterson. They should have some great matches over the course of this year with Morrison favoring the feet and Patterson favoring keeping things down on the mat.

Klingsheim came out last year and kind of got thrown into the fire as a freshman. He definitely struggled some, however he wrestled hard in his matches he just didn't seem physically ready to go at it with a lot of his opponents last year. With a year under his belt I like him to be someone who improves quite a bit coming into this season.

Don't really know much about Waters to be completely honest. Know that he redshirted last year. Also know that Missouri fans are apparently pretty excited about him so they at the very least think he's going to be good. He'll be a guy to watch.

Hunter steps in here at the D1 level after winning Jucos last year and originally committing to Wisconsin. While he's regarded as a guy who is solid he needs to do it against D1 kids before he moves up here. Had some rough losses against the D1 guys that he wrestled last year.


  1. The Beef's Avatar
    Alan Waters did not redshirt last year for Mizzou. From his bio on
    High School: A four-time state champion, Waters wrestled as a member of the Park Hill Trojans, a team he helped lead to back-to-back state championships in 2009 and 2010. Wrestling in four different weight classes during his four years at Park Hill, Waters put together an astounding career record of 182-4, which includes a perfect 47-0 senior season.
    But you are correct about Mizzou fans being excited about him, as the team has really struggled to have a consistent presence at that weight.