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2010/2011 Big 10 Wrestling Predictions: 197

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by , 08-31-2010 at 06:56 AM (1989 Views)

Mario Gonzalez: Like Dallago down at 184, Gonzalez is a guy who I've just straight up never heard of.

Matt Powless: Powless has been here at 197 for Indiana the last couple of years. He's been decent for them and that should probably carry over to this season.

Luke Lofthouse: Lofthouse stepped in last year and got a lot of run in the middle of the season while regular starter Chad Beatty was forced to sit out with a lisfranc injury to his foot. As the season wore on he showed quite a bit of improvement and actually won a few big matches including one over Brown or Biondo (one of the two, or maybe even both). That was quite a step from his match at National Duals where he drove his fans nuts with his inability to finish with a leg above his head. Brodie Ambrose may push him for this position.

Anthony Biondo: Biondo has been one of the kings of weight shuffling going from 197 as a freshman to 184 as a sophomore back to 197 last year as a junior where he seemingly finally found a home. Overall he's a guy who is a solid wrestler. Good scrambler and likes to throw the legs in from top. A steady presence in the top 10 last year.

Michigan State
Tyler Dickenson: Dickenson is a guy similar to Powless. Been in the line up for several years, but really isn't someone that you're going to see as a guy pushing for the title here within the conference.

Sonny Yohn: Yohn had a little bit of a roller coaster year last year. Came in expected to wrestle at 184 and started the year off there. Blew the doors off of a few of his early opponents before getting his own doors blown off by Clayton Foster who just made him look slow. After moving up to 197 it took a little while for him to get his feet under him but he eventually made it work en route to a runner up finish within the conference and an AA finish overall. Probably the best leg rider in the country. Great body fakes that he's able to use to transition to body locks. Big thing will just be to transfer those fakes to leg attacks.

John Schoen: Don't really know a lot of specifics about Schoen. He's been in their line up the last couple of years and hasn't really seen a whole lot of success.

Ohio State
Cody Magrum: Magrum wrestled as a little bit of an undersized 197 last year and still saw some success so if he's big enough this year he's someone who definitely has break out potential. Showed a nice active style against most opponents but just didn't seem polished enough yet last year.

Penn State
Jared Platt: I've looked him up on Penn State's registry so he's definitely there at the school. However that certainly doesn't ensure that he'll be here at this weight for the Nittany Lions in the fall. I think just about every team in the conference has thought they were getting Platt at one time or the other and he's still yet to wrestle an official match. Weight may also be an issue as he's been wrestling as a pretty big 96 kilo guy during the spring.

Logan Brown: Brown is another one of those guys who at least I feel like has been around forever and always seemingly wrestling at about the same level being a stalwart at the 8-12 range in the 197 rankings. Solid guy overall.

Trevor Brandvold: One of the few things I got right with these predictions last year, I had Brandvold tabbed as the most improved guy at this weight class and he came out and won the conference and became an All American. One of the bigger 197's he's a guy who is solid from all three positions and just makes things work for him.

Most Improved
Sonny Yohn: While I've got him finishing in the same spot in the conference that he did last year I think Yohn is able to build off his freestyle success of this past summer and become someone who is more consistent overall and specifically from the feet with his own leg attacks.

Best Freshman

Conference Final
Trevor Brandvold v. Sonny Yohn

1. Trevor Brandvold
2. Sonny Yohn
3. Anthony Biondo
4. Logan Brown
5. Jared Platt
6. Luke Lofthouse
7. Cody Magrum
8. Matt Powless
9. Tyler Dickenson
10. John Schoen
11. Mario Gonzalez

NCAA Qualifiers: Brandvold, Yohn, Biondo, Brown, Platt, Lofthouse, Magrum