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2010/2011 Big 10 Wrestling Predictions: 184

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by , 08-30-2010 at 12:16 PM (2366 Views)
Moving now to what looks like in my opinion to be the weakest weight in the conference this year.

Much like I did last year I'm going to stop writing big long things for each person that no one reads and just go with the superlatives and the rankings for the last three weights.


Most Improved
AJ Kissel: Kissel redshirted last year after spending most of his sophomore season positioned somewhere around the top ten in rankings. He's a guy who wrestles a kind of boom and bust style. He's got big moves that he's very good at hitting, he's put up 15-20 pins both years that he's wrestled or close to it. His problem was against guys who would wrestle him straight up he could be beaten because those big moves wouldn't work for him. I think as a result of the redshirt last year he'll come in this year as someone who is a little bit more well rounded.

Best Freshman
Kevin Steinhaus: Kind of works out almost by default here because if he winds up being the guy in the Gopher line up he's going to be just by my eyeballing one of two freshmen in the line up at this weight class. Had a solid year last year as a redshirt spending some time down at 174 I believe during the early part of the year before making the move up to 184 where he saw some success wrestling unattached, arguably wrestling better at times against common opponents than the Gophers starter at the weight Kaleb Young. Young did out perform him this spring wrestling freestyle but I'm guessing we see the Gophers go with the possibly upside that Steinhaus will bring to the table here.

Conference Final
Quentin Wright v. AJ Kissel

1. Quentin Wright (Penn State)
2. AJ Kissel (Purdue)
3. Travis Rutt (Wisconsin)
4. Grant Gambrall (Iowa)
5. Peter Capone (Ohio State)
6. Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota)
7. Hunter Collins (Michigan)
8. Eric Cameron (Indiana)
9. Ian Hinton (Michigan State)
10. Tony Dallago (Illinois)
11. Aaron Jones (Northwestern)

NCAA Qualifiers: Wright, Kissel, Rutt, Gambrall