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2010/2011 Big 10 Wrestling Predictions: 165

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by , 08-29-2010 at 08:57 AM (2161 Views)

Conrad Polz: Polz is a guy who in this same thread last year I had tabbed as the guy who was going to be the best freshman at this weight class during the coming season. It didn't quite work out that way for him. He moved around in weight spending time both here at 165 and down at 157. He just struggled, there really isn't another way to say it. He came out this summer though and had a great freestyle run including pulling upsets over Chris Spangler, Derek St. John, David Taylor, and Ethan Lofthouse to make the Junior World team. Seeing how he carries that momentum into this coming season will be very interesting.

Paul Young: Young came out last year and was one of those guys who had a really stellar yet really underrated kind of year. He spent most of his time ranked in the 10-12 range. I almost hate to characterize him like this because it diminishes from the fact that he is really good but he was almost kind of a gate keeper to the elite guys at this weight last year. If you were good enough to beat Young you were good enough to be a contender for the National Title here last year. Young literally had no bad losses last year (unless you want to count his loss to Schmelyun when Schmelyun caught fire at the Scuffle). He beat everyone that he was supposed to beat and then his 9 losses were all to guys who were in the mix for All American and National title. Wrestled Howe to one of his closest matches over the second half of last year.

Jake Kerr: Kerr spent most of last year embroiled in a struggle for the 157 pound spot for the Hawkeyes with Aaron Jannsen and it seems like the two are going to be doing the same thing this year only at 165 instead. I've given Kerr the nod here for the time being since he was the guy wrestling for the Hawkeyes at Big 10's and NCAA's last year and because his biggest hinderance last year was getting his weight down to 157. Now that he's up at a more comfortable position he's a guy that could definitely have a big year. Best known for his upset over Cyler Sanderson in Carver Hawkeye last year.

Dan Yates: Yates is yet another good wrestler for Michigan who redshirted last year and we didn't see really any of as a result. He's a guy who really broke out at the end of his high school career and was to the point that he was the #1 or #2 guy in the country at his weight class. One thing working in his favor is that his brother Peter was a guy who came in and made a big splash immediately for Virginia Tech so he's got that connection. He's a guy who I may be underrating.

Michigan State
Ben Boudro: This is basically going to be a verbatim repeat of what I wrote here for Boudro last year. The thing I know him best for is that his brother RJ was a 174 for the Spartans a few years ago. He was in the line up here last year and he struggled.

Cody Yohn: Possibility exists that this might be redshirt freshman Alec Ortiz but for now I'll keep Yohn listed here at this spot. Yohn spent some time early last year at 174 for the Gophers while Glasser was banged up and then eventually dropped down to 165 when Deitchler was declared ineligible and the decision was made for Dustin Schlatter to move down to 157. It took him a little while to get his feet under him but he made it to NCAA's where he wrestled pretty well going 2-2 I believe.

Robert Kellogg: Kellogg steps in for his third year in the Wildcat line up and second year down here at this weight class. He had a tough season last year and given that the weight clears out a little this year he's a guy who you may see improve. Even with some of the guys from last year gone its not like they're being replaced by bad wrestlers.

Ohio State
Tony Jameson: Jameson is fit to continue his seemingly epic move up in weight this coming season as his continued growth coupled with the desire to get him into the line up is supposedly one of the reasons why Sponseller and Nemec moved down. He's a guy who wrestles a wide open very exciting style and its something that has really endeared him to Ohio State fans. His problem is last year that style would get a little too wide open at times and it would lead to inconsistent match results.

Penn State
Jake Kemerer: Like Jake Deitchler, Kemerer comes in this year with 4 full years of eligibility after having that status sitting kind of up in the air over most of last season. Burst onto the scene last year when he beat eventual NCAA finalist Dan Vallimont in Penn State's wrestle offs. Was solid during redshirt matches and during freestyle matches this spring. Didn't go undefeated or anything but looked solid enough.

Kyle Mosier: Mosier is one of those guys scattered through out line ups who I've never heard of. He's in a tough weight class here so it'll be interesting to see what kind of success he's able to find.

Andrew Howe: Given that Andrew Howe is coming off a season where he was an undefeated National Champion and then went out and won US Nationals a few weeks later I'm feeling pretty good about predicting another pretty solid season for him. He came out last year and looked markedly better at transitioning from his hand fighting to getting to his leg attacks which was an occasional problem as a freshman. Still gets away from everyone and is still solid enough on top to get riding time when he needs it although he doesn't turn many top level guys.

Best Freshman
Jake Kemerer: Kind of an easy pick here in my opinion. Like I mentioned above all he did last year was beat the eventual NCAA runner up in a wrestle off. Great situation in Happy Valley for him with Molinaro and Taylor in the weight below him and Ed Ruth who we'll get to occupying the weight above him. Definite AA potential here.

Most Improved
Conrad Polz: Like I said above, second year in a row that I've got Polz listed under one of these superlatives. He should definitely come into this season wrestling with a lot of confidence based off his freestyle success. The one question you have or at least I have is that he did score a lot of counter exposure points and those obviously don't translate to folkstyle. He has a solid folkstyle pedigree coming out of Illinois though and I think that shines through this coming season.

Conference Final
Andrew Howe v. Paul Young

1. Andrew Howe
2. Paul Young
3. Jake Kemerer
4. Conrad Polz
5. Jake Kerr
6. Cody Yohn
7. Dan Yates
8. Tony Jameson
9. Robert Kellogg
10. Ben Boudro
11. Kyle Mosier

NCAA Qualifiers: Howe, Young, Kemerer, Polz, Kerr, Yohn