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2010/2011 Big 10 Wrestling Predictions: 149

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by , 08-27-2010 at 08:24 AM (2526 Views)

Eric Terrazas: Terrazas had an interesting year last year in terms of his wins and losses starting off his season with an 11-0 record. The issue that once he made his way into the Big 10 season he went 1-8 over his last nine matches with his only win coming in overtime over Matt Coughlin who isn't in the weight class anymore.

Alex Warren: I know Russ and others have been making noises that this is going to be Kurt Kinser here but the sheer idea of cutting Kinser and Young down seems so ridiculously dumb to me I'm not going to acknowledge it in my predictions until its confirmed as happening. That leaves us with Warren here for the Hoosiers. Don't know much about him to be honest. He's in a weight class with a lot of quality wrestlers so he'll have a little bit of a tough road to hoe.

Dylan Carew: Carew is a guy who I've heard a lot about but have never seen him wrestle folkstyle. He's a guy who had a decent University Nationals tournament this spring including a win over Grajales. He's a tall lanky guy who is apparently pretty tough on top. Not a super well known guy out of high school but he's done a good job carving a spot out for himself in the Iowa line up at least for this coming year.

Eric Grajales: Seems like its been forever since we've seen Grajales out on the mat and wrestling. I noted earlier that there is the possibility that he isn't at this weight and instead is wrestling down at 133. Only possible limiting factor for him coming in is if he isn't big enough but looking at video of him from over the summer he looks like he's done a nice job building his body up. Wrestling for two years now with a guy like Kellen Russell who certainly knows a little bit about making an impact as a freshman can only help him starting off this year as well.

Michigan State
David Cheza: Cheza is a guy who came out last year and had a really nice year for Michigan State. He struggled some at the start of the year but really emerged after Midlands as he put up some nice wins and spent most of the last half of the season ranked in the 10-12 range in the rankings. He's got a nice aggressive little style. Really does a good job at getting the best out of his talent.

Danny Zilverburg: Much in the same vein as Carew we've got a tall lanky guy who wasn't highly recruited who has managed to work hard and carve a spot out in the line up for himself at one of the top schools in the country. He had a solid year last year as a redshirt but then really announced himself at FILA Juniors this year when he won a pretty loaded bracket by defeating both Altons in consecutive matches. He wound up going down to Jason Chamberlain in the 3 match series to make Junior Worlds but he wrestled Chamberlain tough in those matches and looks like a guy who is ready to make an impact this year.

Andrew Nadhir: Nadhir is a guy who is pretty similar to Cheza. Both guys are solid wrestlers who wrestle hard and get the most out of their styles. Both guys also emerged during the second half of last season after having a little bit of a rough go of things to start the year off. Nadhir had a nice run into the Round of 12 last year at NCAA's so my placement of him here may seem comparatively low but that's partially a result of my feeling that he got a pretty favorable draw in order to make that run last year.

Ohio State
Sean Nemec: Yet another school with a plan to move guys down, this one is more confirmed than Indiana's supposed plan is and while for some reason I think Indiana's plan is the height of stupidity I can kind of see the wisdom of Ohio State doing it and I can't really put into words why I feel that way. Nemec had a tough go last year. He was decent during the time he was in the line up but lost his spot to Tony Jameson for a while before working his way back into the line up at the end of the year. How he does this year will likely correspond to how well he manages his weight cut.

Penn State
Frank Molinaro: Like Graff at 133 coming into the year at this weight class its going to be Frank Molinaro's world with everyone else just living in it until we get further notice. Molinaro was arguably one of the most improved guys in the country last year as a result of his move up in weight as he put up his second All American finish in two years. At his best wrestling his aggressive style from the feet. Takes a lot of shots and likes to try and beat guys up with his hand fighting. Not superlative on top but he's good enough to turn some guys and to get riding time when he needs it. Weak spot seems to be on bottom but as of right now I don't think there is anyone in the conference good enough to be able to make him pay there. All the guys he lost to both within the conference and nationally have graduated.

Sam Patacsil: There exists a possibility that this could be true freshman Kendrick Sanders and if it is the possibility does exist that he could have a season that repeats what Cashe Quiroga did this past year, maybe not to the point of making the semi's at NCAA's but having a quality year within the conference and possibly knocking some guys off at NCAA's would be well within his grasp. As of right now though I've got the younger Patacsil here. In what little we've seen of him he's kind of similar to his brother to where he's going to try and make his money on the mat but he isn't as adept with the tilt series as his brother was which makes things tough for him.

Cole Schmitt: Schmitt is a guy I just have a feeling about coming into the year this year. Had his first big win last year at National Duals when he knocked off Alex Krom in the wake of Krom's Midlands championship, over the rest of the year he had his ups and he had his downs in a tough 141 pound weight class within the conference.

Best Freshman
Eric Grajales: Like I said its going to be really interesting to see Grajales come out this year at whatever weight class he's at and really be a kind of under the radar guy at least to start the year off. Didn't wrestle any folkstyle matches last year then came out and wrestled one freestyle tournament this spring where he took some losses including one in a three period match to Dylan Carew. I think once he gets his feet underneath him this coming year he's a guy that really emerges and reminds people why he was seen as even up with David Taylor when they were coming out of high school two years ago.

Most Improved
Cole Schmitt: While it may seem odd to have someone I'm projecting to finish 5th (same placing as last season) in this most improved spot Schmitt fits the bill for me. I think he's a guy who after going 17-17 last year comes out and is markedly more consistent this year. Also the 5th place isn't the same 5th place as it would be at certain other weight classes. Like the 2-4 spots at 133 I really think 2-5 here at this weight class could all be relatively interchangeable and that any of those four guys could find themselves in the conference final against Molinaro if they get hot at the right time.

Conference Final
Frank Molinaro v. Eric Grajales

1. Frank Molinaro
2. Eric Grajales
3. Danny Zilverburg
4. Dylan Carew
5. Cole Schmitt
6. David Cheza
7. Andrew Nadhir
8. Sean Nemec
9. Sam Patacsil
10. Eric Terrazas
11. Alex Warren

NCAA Qualifiers: Molinaro, Grajales, Zilverburg, Carew, Schmitt, Cheza, Nadhir