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2010/2011 Big 10 Wrestling Predictions: 133

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by , 08-25-2010 at 08:23 AM (2322 Views)

BJ Futrell: Coming into last season I had Futrell predicted as one of my most improved wrestlers in the nation. Coming into this season I'm most interested to see how much he's built his body in order to be competitive at this higher weight class. I picked him as a guy to improve last year because in watching him as a freshman he was a guy who was athletic and had good technique and also a guy who wrestled hard. His problem was he was built like such a bean pole he'd get overwhelmed by the larger and more physical guys at the weight class. With him wrestling even bigger guys this year like I said it'll be interesting to see how he deals with that issue.

Matt Ortega: Ortega is a guy who's had a tough go of things since he stepped into the Indiana line up as a true freshman two years ago. He kept a lot of his matches close last year but he just didn't win very many of them. Record wise he actually took a step back last year.

Nate Moore: I still haven't bought into the Nate Moore thing (this season will provide ample opportunity for that to change) but I will say I like him more down here at this weight than I would had he bumped up to wrestle at 141. Kind of tough to project based off his results last year because you don't know how much the staph that he was suffering from was affecting him. He had big moments like his win at Midlands over Scott Sentes where he stole a 2-1 win with a TD at the buzzer. He had solid moments where he wrestled guys like Fanthorpe and Hochstrasser tough but lost. Then he had moments that kind of contributed to my whole not getting him like when he struggled with Thane Antczak.

Zac Stevens: The possibility is still open that this could be Eric Grajales here but I think Michigan's team is tougher as a whole if they leave Stevens here and send Grajales up. After the dual struggles that they had last year I can't help but wonder if that will be a bit of a priority this year. Stevens is a guy who came out last year and improved a lot from when he jumped into the fire as a true freshman. He's a guy with Michigan's lightweight situation has a good opportunity to continue that improvement this coming season.

Michigan State
Joel Trombley: Trombley is a guy who has been in and out of the Michigan State line up at various weights over the last several years. Like Indiana's guy at 125 he's going to be someone with some major league shoes to fill as he steps into the line up this year.

David Thorn: Should be fun this year for Minnesota to have back to back Thorns in the line up. David came in last year and had a decent year as a redshirt, didn't win everything but had a good record overall. Then he came out and had a nice spring wrestling freestyle at pretty competitive FILA Junior and University 60 kilo weight classes. Lots of tough guys in the room at the lower weight classes for Minnesota (including fellow redshirt freshman Bart Reiter who may push Thorn for this spot if he stays down at 133) so he should have plenty of guys in his room to push him.

Robert Joyce: Joyce filled this spot last year for Northwestern and took his lumps. Coming in this year he's a guy who is facing a little bit of an uphill battle again but with the weight class not being quite as top heavy as it was last year he and pretty much everyone else on this list at least have a shot to move themselves up a little bit.

Ohio State
Ian Paddock: Paddock came out last year and looked kind of iffy early on but in true Ohio State true freshman style really improved as the year moved on en route to a round of 12 finish at NCAA's. Personally I think the better plan for Ohio State would have been to give Paddock a redshirt this year and bump Triggas up to this weight to finish out his career. If Paddock is able to manage what seems to be a pretty decent weight cut I think he's the most improved guy at this weight this season.

Penn State
Sam Sherlock: It seems like its basically predetermined that its going to be a true freshman in the line up here for Penn State, the question just seems to be whether it'll be Sherlock or if it will be Hank Stinson. Sherlock is the guy coming in with the higher pedigree so for now I've got him in this spot. He's coming off a knee injury this past season so we'll see how that effects him.

Akif Eren: While I'll always remember him as the guy that we dubbed the Poor Bastard of the Week three years ago I've got to say that Eren did a nice job last year in terms of working his way out from that goofy label. He made it to NCAA's and was solid through out the course of the season.

Tyler Graff: Like Molinaro at 149 (which we'll get to) coming into the season Graff is set up as the decidedly big fish in the pond. I've mentioned in the Anticipation thread that I'm really excited to see Graff come in this year and see how much he's improved his ability from the top in order to become a more well rounded guy. Watching him last year he did nothing from top for the first month and a half or so. Came out at Midlands and just destroyed Fanthorpe and Bell from top. Then for the rest of the season he was kind of up and down from the position. The super technical singles and the nasty front headlock will be fun to see again but we know that he'll have those. I'll be interested to see him come out and start working that turk series that guys coached by Jared Frayer all seem to eventually pick up on.

Most Improved
Ian Paddock: Like I said above he's a guy who improved a lot over the second half of the season last year so he's got some momentum to build off of. The only thing that could possibly hold him back this year is his weight cut. If he's able to manage that, the spot across the mat from Graff in the finals is wide open for him to take.

Best Freshman
David Thorn: Almost by default given that I've only got two guys listed here who are freshmen. Thorn is a guy who like I said above I think builds off his productive spring and has a very solid year this year.

Conference Final
Tyler Graff v. Ian Paddock

1. Tyler Graff
2. Ian Paddock
3. Nate Moore
4. David Thorn
5. BJ Futrell
6. Sam Sherlock
7. Zac Stevens
8. Akif Eren
9. Matt Ortega
10. Robert Joyce
11. Joel Trombley

NCAA Qualifiers: Tyler Graff, Ian Paddock, Nate Moore, David Thorn, BJ Futrell, Sam Sherlock, Zac Stevens[/QUOTE]