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2010/2011 Big 10 Wrestling Predictions: 125

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by , 08-24-2010 at 07:44 AM (2089 Views)
Lets try and get this going...


Sam White: As vais points out above White had a solid but very unspectacular redshirt season last year. He's a guy who came in with a good pedigree and there have been plenty of guys who have had average redshirt seasons that have come out like bats out of hell the following season.

Justin Brooks: First guy on the list who I've absolutely never heard of. He'll have some big shoes to fill stepping in for Angel Escobedo. Tough spot for a freshman.

Matt McDonough: The rightful favorite here coming off his NCAA title as a freshman. Has a style that plays to his strengths very well. Phenomenal and finishing shots from underneath guys by either sucking the leg in or snaking the leg and circling around behind. Underrated from the top position both as a rider and a turner.

Sean Boyle: .500 as a true freshman last year for the Wolverines had some decent wins against out of conference opponents but struggled last year in a tough weight class in the Big 10.

Michigan State
Eric Olanowski: Olanowski is another guy like Boyle who spent last season hovering around .500, he wasn't wrestling for Michigan State at the end of the year Brendan Lyon was. Off the top of my head I don't remember if this was because he got hurt or because Lyon beat him out.

Zach Sanders: Came into last season touting Sanders as a guy who was really going to make the leap, while he was still awesome last year he was more or less the same guy as he was when he was a freshman. Super high energy from the feet, very dynamic, solid on top, can be ridden. Beats all the guys that aren't massive for the weight class and then gets beat by the physically overwhelming guys. Finally turned around his results against Brad Pataky last year at the end of the year when he won a wild 13-11 match for 3rd at Big 10's. Tough upset loss to Garnett in the first round at NCAA's last year then guttily picked his way back through the consolations.

Brandon Precin: Comes off of redshirt after finishing 3rd at the weight two years ago. He was also a Big 10 finalist that year. Has always been a guy who is good at everything but not necessarily unreal at anything. Solid offensively and defensively from the feet, has a kelly dump that he hits on pretty much everyone. Active on bottom and it allows him to get away from most everyone. Top is probably his best position where he just grinds on guys.

Ohio State
Logan Stieber: Its going to be a lot of fun watching Logan Stieber wrestle his various opponents in this weight class. While the weight isn't as tough as its been over the last couple of years, once we make it into the Big 10 season we should get an idea pretty quickly of just how good Stieber is going to be in folkstyle. Has had absolutely unreal freestyle results over the last three years. Competed at World Team Trials the last two years where he beat Sam Hazewinkel this year, nearly beat Escobedo at US Nationals.

Penn State
Brad Pataky: A guy who has just been in college forever. He's a guy who almost assuredly would have been an AA last year had Troy Nickerson not gotten upset when he did. Made the quarters after upsetting Patterson and Steintrager, he was absolutely demolished there by Escobedo (who seemed to take particular enjoyment in running scores up perhaps as payback for the time Pataky beat him two years ago) and then wound up in the Round of 12 where Nickerson was his unexpected opponent. Definite AA candidate here again this year.

Camden Eppert: This could still obviously be returning All American Cashe Quiroga but I'm still running under the assumption that Quiroga is going to redshirt. Eppert is another guy who I don't really know that well.

Tom Kelliher: Kelliher is a guy who came out and wrestled for the Badgers two years ago as a true freshman at 133 and unfortunately for him spent most of the season just getting worked. After his redshirt season last year and a drop in weight it'll be interesting to see how much he's able to improve his results. I've got him down pretty low on the list because of his struggles two years ago and just because he's an unknown right now.

Best Freshman
Logan Stieber: Might be the most obvious of these picks in the entire conference.

Most Improved
Brandon Precin: Looking at some of his freestyle scores it'll be interesting to see if the year off has allowed him to refine his neutral offense past his dump that he really relied on a lot as a sophomore and junior.

Conference Final
Matt McDonough v. Brandon Precin

1. Matt McDonough
2. Brandon Precin
3. Zach Sanders
4. Logan Stieber
5. Brad Pataky
6. Sam White
7. Camden Eppert
8. Eric Olanowski
9. Sean Boyle
10. Tom Kelliher
11. Justin Brooks

NCAA Qualifiers: McDonough, Precin, Sanders, Stieber, Pataky