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2010/2011 Most Anticipated Wrestlers to Watch

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by , 08-22-2010 at 06:34 PM (1873 Views)
Logan Stieber (FR Ohio State)

After his terrific results against the senior level guys in freestyle this spring, and the fact that Tom Ryan tends to do so well with true freshmen it'll be fun to see him give runs to the upper level guys like McDonough (may wind up being one of the most anticipated match ups of the year, at least forum wise), Precin, Sanders, and Robles.

Tyler Graff (SO Wisconsin)

Just to see how he improves his results from this past season. Showed some flashes at times last year from the mat but for the most part was just all neutral. Not to say that that was a bad thing given his absolutely unreal technical quality from the feet. Still have to expect that he'll have refined the turk series that he'd work with last year after another year with Frayer.

Jordan Oliver (SO Oklahoma State)

Still some conjecture scattered around about whether he'll be here or down at 133. Still think that if John Smith is smart (and I think he probably is) he moves JO up. If he comes up I think we see him wrestling a much more active style against all of his opponents not just the lower level ones. Got a bad rap off a few high profile matches last year but still put up bonus in over half his matches.

Kyle Dake (SO Cornell)

For the question of whether or not he can do it again. By the end of last season was absolutely enormous for the 141 pound class so size shouldn't be a problem for him. A healthy Caldwell will be his toughest opponent, and there exists a distinct possibility that he won't have to face a healthy Caldwell. Jenkins moving up this year definitely makes his repeat possibility easier as well.

David Taylor (FR Penn State)

Probably the toughest weight for me to decide on with Sponseller moving down and the official debut of Jake Deitchler being strong contenders here for me. Kind of surprisingly good (at least for me anyway) results in his freestyle matches this summer given that the rules really make him unable to wrestle from his best position.

Jordan Burroughs (SR Nebraska)

I said forum wise the match between McDonough and Stieber may wind up being the match of the year but based on the sheer quality of the participants its going to be hard to beat the match up of two guys who have been undefeated national champions. I went with Burroughs here as my most anticipated because we've seen Howe here and we know what Howe is going to do. With Burroughs coming back from injury and moving up a weight class I think he's the more interesting of the two.

Mack Lewnes (SR Cornell)
The loss to Borschel last year in the finals has to have eaten at him, he's had a quality summer and the weight class he's coming back to this season is pretty cleared out. It should be interesting to see if he's able to lay waste to this class again like he did for the majority of last season.

Quentin Wright (SO Penn State)

Tough call here between Wright and his perennial rival Chris Perry but decided to go with Wright here based off my soft spot for him having had him on my fantasy team two years ago, and to see how working with Cael has translated into his folkstyle game.

Sonny Yohn (JR Minnesota)

Even with the disclaimer I'm going to assume those of you who have bothered to read this far didn't expect to wait until 197 to see me stick my first Minnesota guy here on this list. Much in the same vein as Taylor, Sonny is a guy who had an excellent spring wrestling freestyle despite the fact that he's unable to work from his best position due to the rules.

Alan Gelogaev (JR Oklahoma State)

To see what he looks like when he's able to actually eat. Should be fun to try and see him work his upper body trips and throws against the bigger guys at heavyweight.

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