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2010-2011 Summer All American Predictions: 285

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by , 06-16-2010 at 09:10 PM (981 Views)
1. Zach Rey (Lehigh)
2. Dom Bradley (Missouri)
3. Jarod Trice (Central Michigan)
4. Ryan Tomei (Pittsburgh)
5. Alan Gelogaev (Oklahoma State)
6. DJ Russo (Rutgers)
7. David Marone (Virginia Tech)
8. Ben Berhow (Minnesota)
R12. Eric Bugenhagen (Wisconsin), Cam Wade (Penn State), Brandon Williamson (West Virginia), Brendan Barlow (Kent State)

I'd have probably picked Zach Rey to win this weight class just based off of the great season that he had last year en route to a 3rd place finish at NCAA's but when news came out that Steve Mocco was joining the Lehigh staff that put it over the top for me. He's one of the larger heavyweights based off the weigh in list for NCAA's but he's a guy that is able to use that size and put points on the board against a decent number of the guys that he wrestled. Had a rough go of things against the Big 12 guys last year, Rosholt and Zabriskie gave him three of his five losses. Win at Midlands last year over Dom Bradley helps propel him to the top spot here.

Dom Bradley is a guy who were he at another school the last two seasons he in all likelihood would already be a 2x All American. He's been in and out of the line up at Missouri the last couple of years. He's beaten his former teammate Mark Ellis multiple times in open tournaments and he's put up wins against other tough guys as well. He's perhaps best known for making his name though with his big freestyle wins over the last two seasons. He won Junior Worlds last summer and then made the Senior National team. He made the national team for the second year in a row this season when he knocked off Tommy Rowlands .

Trice came off his All American finish this past season with very impressive showings this past spring as he won both Freestyle and Greco at University Nationals with wins over a decent group of competitors. This past year in folkstyle he was much more consistent than he had been during his prior season in the line up. Beat NCAA champion David Zabriskie in the Midlands finals. Was pinned in his first round match at NCAA's and then impressively picked his way back through the consolation bracket sending Fernandez, Lane, Steele, and Berhow home in consecutive matches to become an All American.

Tomei came off redshirt last season replacing Zach Sheaffer and enjoyed an impressive debut season wrestling against a nice schedule of east coast heavyweight guys. He's a guy who really likes the headlock from the feet which always makes heavyweight matches enjoyable. Had a little bit of a lull during the mid to late part of the year before he came back and steam rolled his way through the EWL tournament where he pinned eventual round of 12 finisher Brandon Williamson in the finals. Had a tough draw at NCAA's where he lost to Mark Ellis in the second round and then was eliminated in his next match by Cam Wade.

Some people may make reference back to some of Gelogaev's struggles last year and criticize my choice of placing him this high but I think he has a big season this year primarily as a result of one big change he's going to be able to make. He's going to be able to eat. He was sucked out last year wrestling 197 as he's a very tall guy. Couple all that weight cutting along with the fact that he was forced to transition to a new style and I imagine most would expect him to have a little bit in the way of ups and downs. To his credit he came out at NCAA's and was still an All American. People crowed a lot about his struggles on bottom but in watching him in matches he would explode off the bottom and look to peal hands and get away. His issue was against good guys who would be able to stop him the first time he tried to do it, he'd be so tired after that initial attempt that's when he would get ridden. Likes upper body trips and throws more than he does leg attacks but he's good enough with them to where he should be able to get most heavyweights off balance in order to hit attacks. Should be exciting to see wrestling as a smaller heavyweight this year.

Russo very well be the most exciting heavyweight in the country. He's a guy who comes out aggressive, he likes to roll around a lot and that tendency oftentimes works in his favor as he put up some impressive fall numbers last season. Like Rey and Tomei he's a guy who faced a lot of tough competition wrestling out East last year and that experience should provide some benefits for him as that weight class does clear out this year both in his conference and nationally.

Marone took a redshirt season last year after a year in which he had his ups and his downs. He like most of his VT teammates wrestled a ton of matches two years ago where he had some solid wins over Alcala, Barlow, and Russo during the regular season. At NCAA's he came out and sent Jack, Berhow, and Goff home in consecutive matches before going out to John Wise. He's got a nice group of upperweights to wrestle around with in his room so the redshirt year should have given him some nice opportunity to refine some of his stuff.

I've got to say I'm very excited to see the reaction of a certain someone when they see that I've picked Mr. Berhow to make the podium here as a senior. He's a guy who I thought would really break out last year and he eventually did en route to a Round of 12 finish after beating Mitch Monteiro and Nathan Everhart and making the quarterfinals but the issue is that he took almost the entire season to really get his feet under him. He suffered a knee injury sometime in late December and that really effected him en route to an awful go of things at the Southern Scuffle. Has a great sweep single from the feet that he is able to hit against everyone he wrestles having taken down just about any name at the weight over the last two years with it. He has a ghastly high crotch that he shoots across his opponents body that rarely if ever works when he uses it. He's a guy who will be pushed in his own room by Tony Nelson but he's battle tested over the last two years and if he's in the line up I think he benefits from the weight class clearing out and makes the podium as a senior.