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2010-2011 Summer All American Predictions: 165 Pounds

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by , 06-15-2010 at 03:03 PM (932 Views)
1. Andrew Howe (Wisconsin)
2. Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska)
3. Jon Reader (Iowa State)
4. Scott Winston (Rutgers)
5. Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford)
6. Alex Meade (Oklahoma State)
7. Derek St. John (Iowa)
8. Zach Toal (Missouri)
R12. Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma), Jarrion Beets (Northern Iowa), Paul Young (Indiana), Josh Asper (Maryland)

After going undefeated last year as a true sophomore en route to his first national title its really difficult right now to project someone coming in next season and knocking off Andrew Howe. After being labeled as being "boring" after his true freshman year he came out last year and over the course of the year demonstrated a markedly improved ability at transitioning from his hand fighting (which has been fantastic since he's gotten to college) to getting to his leg attacks. Has had a great summer winning US Nationals and finishing second to Travis Paulson at WTT's. He's still eligible so I'll be interested to see if he decides to wrestle Polz off for the Junior World team spot. A possible match up here between him and Burroughs looms as THE match of the year coming into the season and as of right now I like Howe for a couple of reasons. He's a guy who's more than comfortable wrestling in a phone booth and just beating a guy up without taking shots which will take away Burroughs' ability at shooting his double from out in space. He's also got an ability to get riding time in close matches when he needs it which should help him if he wins up having to win ugly against Burroughs.

Burroughs is a guy who just had to feel for last year. He came into the season as arguably the most highly regarded guy in the sport. He started off the season wrestling well, he wasn't necessarily in wrecking machine mode like some expected as he had some close matches but he was still winning. He would then go on to end his season in an overtime loss to Steve Brown a match during which he tore his knee up. He's a guy who's easily big enough to survive his second move up in weight in three years and even if he wasn't his quickness and feel for wrestling on the feet should be more than enough to make up for it anyway. The story as its always been with Burroughs is his wrestling on the feet. Absolutely sublime with his double leg shots both off his own set ups and then especially off of reshots. He's a guy who's generally able to pick up riding time just methodically off his takedowns but he's not really a guy who does a lot of mat wrestling.

Reader is a guy who had an absolutely banner year last year during the regular season. He finally started beating Morningstar in matches, he ended Nick Marable's winning streak in the Big 12 and he generally terrorized the non AA level guys that he wrestled. The time that he spent the prior year wrestling freestyle seemed to really pay off for him as he was more confident on his feet than he had been in the past. He was very tough like he always had been from the mat. How he missed out on AA last year still amazes me after the year he had. He had one of the toughest draws of anyone in the first round with Chris Brown and he wound up going down 5-4. He sent Alex Meade and Paul Young home on the back side of the bracket before he fell to Andy Rendos who he had previously majored during the season. That loss last year at NCAA's has to have gnawed so you've got to think that you'll see him have a big year this year. Matches between him and Burroughs should be a lot of fun.

Winston is a guy who had a solid year last year as a redshirt. He had a good year as a true freshman en route to the #10 seed NCAA's but he got a tough draw with Safratowich who knocked him off in the first round and then ran into Welch a few rounds into the consolations who wound up sending him home. He's an absolute tank so he should have no issues at all with the move up here. Had some issues with getting to his offense when he was a freshman and whether that was related to him getting used to wrestling college guys, the weight he was cutting or a combination of the two he should have alleviated those issues coming into this year. He's a guy despite Rutgers status as a non major wrestling school who has a great coaching staff with Cooperman and Becker in the room with him.

Amuchastegui had an understated regular season last year taking losses to a few guys that he really shouldn't have taken losses to but then really broke out at NCAA's en route to finishing 3rd here in what was a really tough weight class last year. He shocked Nick Marable in the first round of the second year in a row and after losing in the quarterfinals he sent Colt Sponseller home on Friday night and then also beat Morningstar to clinch top 6 for himself. The Pac-10 is still going to be pretty cleared out at this weight so he's a guy who should be able to build himself up some momentum this year with a big regular season.

Meade kicks off what is going to be quite the run for Oklahoma State in these predictions here in the upperweights. He had a disappointing conference and NCAA tournament last year but his stellar regular season, the great partner and coaching situation that he has and the fact that he comes from Delaware leads me to have faith in him having a sophomore season where he gets himself up on the podium as OK State pushes for a team title. He's best known for his two wins last year over Schlatter and Morningstar but he also wrestled Marable and Reader really tough before going down in close matches. The Reader match was one that stuck out that he really should have won had he wrestled smarter and not tried to force a ride against Reader when it was obvious that he wasn't comfortable there. He's a guy that seemed to wear down at the end of the year as he looked very sluggish at Big 12's and then at NCAA's did a lot of standing around as Morningstar avenged the earlier season loss in the second round.

While it seems almost like a consensus amongst Iowa fans that they would prefer him down at 157 I'm taking Brands' word from last season and listing St. John here at 165 for the time being. From what I've read the plan is still for him to spend some quality time in the weight room this year packing some more weight on, he's a guy with a big frame so its definitely doable to get him up at this weight. Like Jake Deitchler he's a guy who probably shone brightest last year wrestling at Midlands. So far this summer he's had a productive time wrestling freestyle. He's dropped some matches to David Taylor and to his teammate Ethan Lofthouse but he's had some big wins over Jason Welch (who he absolutely demolished) and Jake Kemerer amongst others.

Last year as a redshirt Zach Toal best distinguished himself with a pair of wins over his conference rivals Caldwell and Meade. Those big wins already along with the fact that he got to spend last year wrestling with Nick Marable I think sets him up as a guy who's going to have a really productive year and help continue the tradition of the Big 12 being absolutely brutal at the 165 pound weight class.