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2010-2011 Summer All American Predictions: 157

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by , 06-15-2010 at 09:20 AM (633 Views)
Keeping it rolling here. Pretty sure everyone knows by now that Burroughs is planning to go 165 next year so that's why he isn't listed here. The other major change that sticks out will be explained during the course of the predictions.

1. Steve Fittery (American)
2. Adam Hall (Boise State)
3. David Taylor (Penn State)
4. Colt Sponseller (Ohio State)
5. Jason Welch (Northwestern)
6. Jake Deitchler (Minnesota)
7. Bryce Saddoris (Navy)
8. Justin Lister (Binghamton)
R12. Justin Gaethje (Northern Colorado), Kurt Kinser (Indiana), Peter Yates (Virginia Tech), Dan Gonsor (Missouri)

Of all the predictions that I've made so far and will make in the coming days the top 4 spots at this weight was the last thing that I finalized. Putting these four guys in order were tough. I wound up going with the guy in Fittery who looked like he might run away with the weight class last year before he hurt his knee in February. Kind of had two moments where he announced himself last season, when he smoked Steve Brown at Northeast Duals and then when absolutely obliterated the Midlands tournament en route to being named OW. One of the most fun guys to watch in the country. Very aggressive from the feet, loves to roll around and try and catch guys on their backs. Hits big moves off the bottom and he's very tough from the top position both in terms of getting turns and getting falls against guys.

With Hall getting his late wild card entry into WTT's last weekend he was a guy who I was hoping did well just in the interest of helping making this set of picks easier on me. Unfortunately that wasn't to be so I agonized and wound up putting the highest returning placer here at the weight class (3rd last year) here in the runner up spot. Much like Fittery he's a very aggressive wrestler who loves to put points up on the board but he does it in a more straight forward and basic fashion than Fittery does and that's part of the reason why I've got Fittery eclipsing him. I think if Fittery is healthy his capacity to hit big moves will carry him to the title. Hall is a guy last year who showed a ton of improvement in getting to shots. He's always been a guy who was aggressive in his hand fighting but over his first two years sometimes he had trouble putting that aggression into converting successful takedowns.

Coming in here next we've got the guy in David Taylor who in my opinion has the highest upside of anyone in the country next year. He's also probably going to be the most talked about guy in the country next year as he comes off of redshirt. He's had an excellent summer wrestling freestyle and that's even more impressive than it is on paper given that he was wrestling up at 163 and freestyle takes away the top position which is arguably Taylor's best place on the mat. Had an excellent redshirt season taking close losses in open tournaments to teammates Cyler Sanderson and Bubba Jenkins. Kind of hinted at it but he's got a great style to succeed in college. Has a great high crotch/knee pull single series from the feet. Great defensive scrambler. Tough on top with legs or with his tilts. My heart is telling me to at least put him in the finals (if not more) but for now, he's here.

It seemed odd to me when I heard it initially but I've read from multiple people who generally know what they're talking about when it comes to Ohio State that Sponseller is making his way down to 157 as a senior for two reasons. One of which is the fact that Tony Jameson just keeps growing and the second and perhaps more important one is that given the success of Matt McDonough and Max Askren last year Sponseller is going to get down here to this weight for one last shot to avoid (like Lou Ruggirello) the title of best guy never to become an All American. His style has evolved through out the course of his career from a completely wide open wild man as a freshman to the more technical but still aggressive and brawling style from the feet that he wrestles now. Was a Big 10 finalist last year but was then upset at NCAA's last year by Tyler Caldwell. I've got him down in this spot for the same reason I have Molinaro downgraded at 149. The one real weakness he's had since he's been in college has been on bottom and with as good as Fittery and David Taylor are on top I think that will hurt him in matches against them.

Welch is a guy that given his redshirt last year and his rather unimpressive freestyle results this spring may have fallen off the radar for some people. He's a guy though that has always been better at folk as he wrestles a very funky style (he murdered Saf two years ago with his leg pass defense). Wrestles a wide open style from the feet to go along with his great defense, loves the superduck. Made the Big 10 finals as a true freshman despite being pretty undersized at the weight and I think after a year of seasoning he's able to get himself up on the AA stand this year.

In my opinion this is my only call related to Minnesota that could even slightly be derided as homerish, and its also part of the reason why I kept Zilverberg off my 149 list for the time being. We only saw Deitchler at one folkstyle tournament last year as a result of injuries and eligibility issues but he had an excellent go of things last year at Midlands recording solid wins over Cocozzo and Reiner and then an excellent win by fall over eventual All American Steve Brown. Despite his Greco background he's a guy that also has an excellent folkstyle pedigree and he should be coming in next year very hungry after his eligibility fight last year.

Saddoris was a guy who started last year off really slow after moving up from 149. He picked it up there in the middle of the year and then had a tough go of things at the end of the year as he exited the NCAA tournament very quickly. He's one of those kind of solid but not necessarily spectacular guys. He isn't going to blow many guys away or put up a ton of bonus points but he's a guy who's going to win just about every match that he wrestles. He had a nice little back and forth with Fittery in several meetings last year and it should be interesting to see if they continue that little rivalry this season.

Coming in here in the last spot we've got Lister one of two guys who were big surprises here at the tournament last year making it all the way to the semi finals. He had a decent regular season where he generally won the ones that he should and lost (in some cases absolutely got the doors blown off him) the ones that he should. At NCAA's though he just came in and wrestled out of his mind punctuated by his first period fall over #3 seed Jesse Dong that propelled him into the semi's. Before that match he'd already knocked off Erisman and Scotton on day 1. He came back on the last day of the tournament with a big win by fall over Cyler Sanderson in a match that I remember him winning pretty handily before the pin.