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2010-2011 Summer All American Predictions: 149

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by , 06-15-2010 at 07:07 AM (439 Views)
1. Darrion Caldwell (NC State)
2. Kyle Dake (Cornell)
3. Bubba Jenkins (Arizona State)
4. Frank Molinaro (Penn State)
5. Kevin LeValley (Bucknell)
6. Jason Chamberlain (Boise State)
7. Torsten Gillespie (Edinboro)
8. Desi Green (Buffalo)
R12. Cole Schmitt (Wisconsin), Jamal Parks (Oklahoma State), Donnie Vinson (Binghamton), Mario Mason (Rutgers)

While he's going to possibly be coming into next year with some pretty significant injury issues on the off chance that he is able to get himself on the mat as of right now I can't pick anyone but Caldwell here. I assume that if he's healthy (and I assume that most everyone hopes that he will be) that we see a Nickerson esque competition schedule where we don't see him at all until the new year and then we see him sparingly as he tries to get his feet under him in time for a title run at the end of the year. Has, or had a reputation as a big move guy but he's someone who can win most all of his matches by just wrestling straight up. He's got a very good single that he can hit against most everyone. Tough on top as a rider and if he's able he'll go to a nasty cradle series and look for a pin.

It may surprise some people here that I didn't pick Dake to match McD and win another title here as a sophomore. He's a guy who for a lot of people may have been the biggest surprise of the entire year last year coming in as a true freshman, winding up the top seed at NCAA's and winning the title in a very tough 141 bracket. He's a guy who really has shown no weaknesses in his wrestling, he's just very tough all around. Gets plenty of TD's from his feet both offensively (very tough with upper body and with his short offense, nasty superduck, could afford to get a little more comfortable with leg attacks) and defensively (just an unreal scrambler), all year I didn't see anyone ride him for a significant period of time as he did a great job moving off of the bottom and then he's very tough on top with his legs. As big as he's seemingly gotten he shouldn't have much in the way of adjustment issues with the move up.

Coming in here next we've got a guy who we didn't see much last year during his controversial final season at Penn State. He may be a guy who only is able to wrestle officially during second semester, not sure how his eligibility will work but if Jenkins is able to wrestle at NCAA's I see him placing very high. I mentioned earlier that I think it might be beneficial for him and Drouin individually to move up in weight but the best move for ASU as a team is probably for them to stay down and let Te Edwards who was looking tough at the end of the year last year wrestle 157. Jenkins had some nice wins last year as a redshirt including one or two over the very fast improving David Taylor and he had a nice spring this year including winning University Nationals.

Molinaro may be a guy that I have underrated here at the #4 spot as all the guys he lost to at this weight class last year aren't in it anymore. Remarkably more consistent after moving up en route to earning his second All American spot as he wracked up high level wins through out the course of the year his best one probably being against Kyle Ruschell. Best position is from the feet where he takes a lot of shots and is very aggressive. Not superlative on top but he's tough enough to turn some guys and pick up riding time when he needs it. He can be ridden, not quite as easily as he could down at 141 but the best guys can keep him down on the mat and I think that's something that will hurt him in prospective matches against Caldwell and or Dake.

LeValley is a guy who kind of jumped on the collective national radar early last season when he wrestled Metcalf to a 3-2 match in an early season dual meet but over the course of the year he proved that he was a guy who was much more capable than someone who just loses close. Not the most dynamic guy in the world from the feet but he's able to use his length to control the hand fighting on the feet and get TD's where he needs them. Very flexible on the feet thereby making it tough for guys to secure TD's against him. Probably at his best on top with legs, he also proved to be very tough on top this summer in his freestyle matches as he absolutely abused Jimmy Kennedy there. He had a lot of tough competition the last two years within his conference with Kyler and Borshoff, this year he'll be the heavy favorite within his conference.

I had Chamberlain pegged last year as the break out guy here at this weight class and it just didn't really happen over the course of the year. He had a solid season but it wasn't able to pay off for him with an All American finish. He's made the Junior World team for the second summer in a row so he should see plenty of good work over these next few months that should set him up for a good run next year. He's a guy who sometimes just doesn't seem to pull the trigger in matches despite the fact that he's got a very good shot from the feet. To his credit he's very tough on his feet defensively so he's able to make things work even when he doesn't take a lot of shots. Molinaro was all over his legs last year in the Reno finals but he's so flexible that he was able to fend him off through out the majority of the match only going down 3-1.

Gillespie was a guy last year who was a real surprise All American here at this weight class coming in and finishing 6th after being unseeded. He's a guy who in the few matches of his that I saw last year stuck out in terms of the way he was able to finish once he was in on a guy's legs despite however much the guy he was attacking was trying to scramble away and that ability served him well at NCAA's when he pulled off a big second round upset of eventual 4th placer Kyle Ruschell. He came back in the consolation round to show that him making it there wasn't quite the accident that some people may have thought he was when he beat Kyle Borshoff in order to clinch a top 6 finish for himself.

Finishing things off here at this weight class we've got Green. Some people had him as a guy who could have a breakout year last year and while he was a little better than he was as a freshman he didn't quite make the leap and was still relatively inconsistent. He won most all of the matches that he was supposed to but only won once against an opponent who was considered as an All American contender when he beat Jason Chamberlain. Part of that can be tacked up to his schedule as he doesn't see the best of the best at Buffalo but he still lost matches last year to Fleming, Roosa, Abel, Yates, and Kyler that you would have wanted to see him win had you expected him to get on the podium. With this weight clearing out a bit this year I think he's able to pick his consistency up a little more and get himself there.

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