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2010-2011 Summer All American Predictions: 133 Pounds

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by , 06-13-2010 at 02:11 PM (723 Views)
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ID:	2620I've heard from someone that I trust that Oliver will definitely be up at 141 next year, so he won't be appearing here but in the next set.

1. Tyler Graff (Wisconsin)
2. Andrew Hochstrasser (Boise State)
3. Andrew Long (Iowa State)
4. Boris Novachkov (Cal Poly)
5. Jarrod Garnett (Virginia Tech)
6. Mike Grey (Cornell)
7. Lou Ruggirello (Hofstra)
8. Scott Sentes (Central Michigan)
R12. Nikko Triggas (Ohio State), Michael Martinez (Wyoming), David Thorn (Minnesota), Nic Bedelyon (Kent State)

Kicking things off here is a guy who I think is going to be one of the breakout stars of next season. Graff is a guy who had an excellent start to his career coming out last year and finishing 5th as a redshirt freshman. Early in the season he seemed to really struggle with mat wrestling both in terms of getting away and especially in terms of riding guys. For the first month and a half or so of the season he really demonstrated no interest or effort in working from the top position. As things wore on though (especially en route to his Midlands title) he showed that he was starting to figure out the top game and with another year working with Frayer as his coach I think that evolution continues, he especially seemed to like the turk series that Metcalf picked up from Frayer. One of if not the most technical guys in the country from his feet, his single leg shots are things of beauty. Then he also puts up lots of points with his front headlock and his snap and go behinds after he wears guys out.

Andrew Hochstrasser is a guy that you really had to feel for over the course of the season last year. Two years ago he comes back off his mission and has a spectacular year en route to finishing 4th. He comes back last year ranked #2 in the country and winds up hurting his knee in one of his first matches of the year wrestling Graff. As a result of that he's more or less MIA until National Duals when he comes back and puts up big wins against Graff and Grey then after National Duals he's gone again having been snake bitten by academic issues that I assume would have come about with him being out of school as a result of taking his mission. Having faced that adversity last year I think he comes back next year as a man on a mission. He did a great job last year in his limited action, specifically against Graff in just finding ways to win matches. He's a guy who's very good at picking up back points off of scramble situations and its something that served him well in quite a few big matches over the last two years.

Long is a guy who I think might struggle just a little bit early on next year if he moves up just because so much of his style is based on raw power. He was very big at 125 last year so as things wear on over the course of the year I think he'll be fine but he loves working out of his underhook series and going single or pick and I think he might have some issues at least initially against the bigger guys at this weight. Very impressive last year from all positions, not just on the feet. I mentioned earlier that he pinned Precin last year at Midlands and by all accounts it wasn't a catch, he just rolled him over and stuck him. Did a great job over the course of the season improving his head hands defense, that really served him well in his semi final match against Angel Escobedo.

Novachkov came off redshirt last year and was more or less just sneaky good through out the course of the season. He burst on the scene when he won the Las Vegas tournament and then he made sure that he would stay there when he made the finals at Reno a couple of weeks later. Had a kind of up and down dual meet season as he had a win over Oliver but he had a few losses to his Pac-10 competition as well. Showed surprisingly good aptitude last year as a mat wrestler taking Oliver to the brink at NCAA's, not something that you would have necessarily expected from him given that he was seemingly known as more of a freestyle guy through out the early portion of his career.

The first of several possibly homerish picks shows up here with Garnett however with the weight class clearing out like it will this year as well as the fact that he was a very big, strong, athletic 125 pounder I think he matches his teammate and fellow Delaware native Chris Diaz and manages to get himself up on the podium. Had a stellar year last year as a sophomore missing out on the podium last year with a one point loss in the round of 12. He beat Sanders like he stole something in the first round last year and had other wins over Martinez, Quiroga, and Pataky. I will say that there is a lot of rumor and conjecture floating around about the VT lower weights as they have Ty Mitch and Devin Carter coming in so its very possible that you see Garnett take a redshirt year.

Mike Grey managed to have a much more consistent year last year as a junior than he did as a sophomore making the pull down to 133 yet again for Cornell finishing his season against Graff in the Round of 12 at NCAA's. He's a guy that wrestled a lot last year, he had 45 matches. In direct contrast to two years ago he was absolutely torrid at National Duals beating Graff and then majoring Paddock and Bell. That was kind of a reemergence for him as he'd lost most all of his higher level matches earlier in the season.

Ruggirello is the first of several guys who it will be really interesting to watch this year as they battle to not earn the rather unsavory title as the best wrestler never to become an All American. He's coming off a redshirt this year and we may see him up a weight as he wrestled 141 in his only high profile competition this past year at Midlands but I think with his style his best bet if he can do it healthily is to get back down to 133. He's a guy who has never been and never really will be superlative on his feet but when he's on and he actually attacks he's generally able to find TD's. He runs into problems when he waits for guys to come to him (and they actually do). His goal always has been to get to the top where he wants to go to work with his famous double arm bar series. Its his strength there on top with the bars that I think will really benefit from getting down and wrestling against the 133 guys.

Closing things out here at this weight is a guy who wrestles an almost identical style to Ruggirello. Sentes moved up last year from 125 but was still almost unnaturally tall for the weight class. He started last year off very hot best demonstrated by his dominant win by fall against eventual All American Steve Bell at Northeast Duals. Where the wheels seemed to come flying off for him though was at Midlands. Nate Moore sent him into the consolation bracket with a last second TD winning a match 2-1 where he took neutral and Sentes was just absolutely unable to find a TD. He was beaten badly at National Duals by both Ness and Graff who battered him with TD's and were able to withstand anything he had from the top position and he also dropped at least one match to his conference rival Mitcheff over the second half of the year. Had a tough draw at NCAA's which played out disastrously for him as he was pinned by Fisk in his pig tail and then eliminated two rounds later by Kendric Maple.