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2010-2011 Summer All American Predictions: 125 Pounds

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by , 06-12-2010 at 08:21 PM (784 Views)
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ID:	2617With World Team Trials being over and most of my necessary questions having been answered I'm going to go ahead and get started with these.

Before we get to these predictions be advised that I've moved Long, Garnett, Triggas, Martinez, and Nic Bedelyon up to 133. I'm also running with Russ's idea that Purdue redshirts Cashe Quiroga

1. Matt McDonough (Iowa)
2. Brandon Precin (Northwestern)
3. Zach Sanders (Minnesota)
4. Anthony Robles (Arizona State)
5. Logan Stieber (Ohio State)
6. Frank Perrelli (Cornell)
7. James Nicholson (Old Dominion)
8. Brad Pataky (Penn State)
R12. Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma), Jon Morrison (Oklahoma State), Anthony Zanetta (Pittsburgh), Ryak Finch (Iowa State)

With the way that he wrestled this past year its really impossible to pick anyone other than Matt McDonough to win this weight at this point in time now that its been made available that it really is the plan to have him back down here again. I was very interested to see him wrestle Freestyle at Junior WTT's both to see how his shots would work with freestyle rules and to see him against bigger guys and he impressed me. I thought the distance from which he shot his singles would make him vulnerable to being chest locked/crotch lifted and I was right but what I didn't count on was McD using his length to keep his opponents on their backs so that it was actually him that was scoring. Coming into next season I'm still interested to see him wrestle Robles, we haven't seen him against Precin will obviously be a very tough opponent, and then a possible match with super-frosh Stieber would probably be one of the most hyped matches of the year.

2-5 here at this weight was a range where I was really wanted to wait until WTT's played out before I made my picks, and with the way he wrestled today (delivering beat downs to Sanders and Stieber) Precin made the decision easy on me. He's a guy who kind of slipped from view this year after taking a redshirt, the only real match of note that I remember from him was him getting stuck by Long at Midlands. He's a guy though that has a style that really seems to work better the more he wrestles. Be it through out the course of a college season or when he has the opportunity to really focus on a tournament like he did this weekend and not seemingly just show up like he did at Midlands.

I get my first Minnesota Gopher into the predictions here. Sanders is a guy who I really expected to kind of break out last year and while he had a stellar year en route to a 5th place finish he was more or less the same guy that we saw when he was a freshman. I used to say it about Charlie Falck but it seems that Sanders is who we think he is. Not the greatest natural athlete in the world. Very active on the feet, likes to try and beat guys up in ties even though he's smaller than most of them. Solid on top as a rider and as a turner although he likes to go feet to back better. Can be ridden especially by guys bigger than he is. Really impressed me late last year with two things, beating Pataky at Big 10's who he'd had major issues with in the past and his run back to All American after getting smoked in the first round by Jarrod Garnett.

Some people might say that Robles regressed last year given that he slipped from 4th as a sophomore to 7th last year but I don't really agree. He just got screwed by Nickerson getting upset, had that not happened he's at the very least in the top 6 again. Speaking of guys who are who we think they are Robles is a guy who's fit that bill since he's gotten into college. You know what he's going to do, he'll work from neutral with dumps, drags out of his front headlock, and a single leg when he's able to get to it. Then he's the absolutely holy terror on top. Had a big comeback last year against Long in a dual meet by turning him three times in the third period for the win.

Stieber is a guy who has had success against high level guys (including guys on this list) in freestyle since he was a sophomore in high school. He comes in as the clear cut #1 recruit of this year's high school class and he'll be in a great situation with Rosselli and Jaggers as lightweight coaches and the opportunity to work with guys like Bunch and Humphrey in his off time. Does lots of attacking from the feet, likes to get to inside singles to the left leg and is pretty technical with them. Did a lot of turning with tilts against high school guys and if he's able to translate that this year that will obviously give him a big advantage.

Perrelli is a guy who may start next year off under the radar but he really shouldn't as he's been a borderline top 10 guy as Troy Nickerson's back up for two years now. He won the Body Bar last year beating R12 Michael Martinez in the finals, that match was his best win of his abbreviated season. He had a decent tournament at Las Vegas and then he was productive for them in dual meets as well. With the lightweight situation in the Cornell room and the way Koll is seemingly able to always get his guys up for NCAA's I think we see a big year here for Perrelli.

Nicholson is a guy who has had spectacular regular seasons the last two years and then come into NCAA's and fallen short of All American after making it onto the podium as a freshman. Last year before NCAA's he only had one official loss (also an unofficial one to Sanders in the All Star match) before going down to Quiroga in the first round and then being eliminated by Triggas two rounds later. You obviously expect to see another stellar regular season out of him, but I think he'll get on the podium a second time this year as a senior. He's a guy who I may be underrating here as a result of his poor NCAA finishes the last couple of years. He's capable of placing as high as third here I think.

Much like Robles, Pataky was a guy who wound up getting boned over by Nickerson getting upset by Santaite as he made a nice run to the quarters upsetting Patterson and Steintrager before getting shellacked by Escobedo and then he draws Nickerson in the round of 12. Last year he beat AA's Triggas and Quiroga at Big 10's and he's got plenty of other quality wins scattered through out the course of his career over Sanders several times, a win over Escobedo, and a win over Perrelli two years ago.