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Jake Deitchler makes the olympics, but what does he make of it, or who stops him from making anything?

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by , 06-15-2008 at 03:02 PM (1726 Views)
he had some amazing matches to get him to where he is, but will his streak end short of a medal, even if he did beat a gold medal contender???


  1. Schlottke's Avatar
    He's got a shot at a medal..
  2. JakeFox27's Avatar
    oh ya, im sure, but how high of an medal?
  3. Schlottke's Avatar
    Well, he beat Lester who was a favorite to win it, so anything is possible. If he gets that far, Im only concerned he will be happy with the podium over gold because he mentioned several times he wants to "medal" not "win gold"
  4. JakeFox27's Avatar
    ya, and after watching him wrestle back in tight situations, i guess anything can happen. idk though about if there is anyone who can stop him from his throwing, if there is any??