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Ohio Collegiate Wrestling Preview: Part 3

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by , 11-02-2010 at 09:42 PM (697 Views)
174: The Young but Restless
This is a weight rich in young potential, but light on proven experience. Dropping down from 184, OU junior Nick Purdue has the potential to make a serious splash at his new weight. This is a guy who had some seriously great wins last year--they just didn't come at the right tournaments. His stardom reached its apex when, at the Reno Tournament of Champions, he beat Edinboro's Pat Bradshaw and Wyoming's 2x All-American Joe Leblanc back-to-back to make his way to the finals. To put that in perspective, Joe Leblanc is a very real title contender this year at 184. He dropped a 5-4 bout to Stanford's Zach Geisen in the title match, but his tournament performance took him national prominence. He also had notable wins over Mike Miller and Virginia Tech's Tommy Spellman. He finished second in the MAC to Dustin Kilgore, and unfortunately faded into the good night, getting bounced from the NCAA tournament by a pair of 2-3 losses to Spellman and Jason McCroskey. I'm kind of assuming/hoping the weight's not going to be a problem, and I think the drop, combined with the confidence from his big wins, will make him an AA contender. In the MAC, his strength advantage and ability to shoot from distance should create opportunities against 4th-ranked AA Ben Bennett.


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