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Ohio Collegiate Wrestling Preview: Part 1

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by , 10-31-2010 at 07:28 PM (368 Views)
The other night I marveled in awe at what was headed my way.

Sirens blared throughout Cambridge, warning of a possible tornado. Winds ravaged trees and bullets of rain buffeted down, flooding streets and basements. Certainly little third and fifth graders cried and screamed as they were coerced into the hallways for safety. Certainly dogs squealed in terror and hid behind couches.

But I was unaffected by these things.

It was later on, as I finalized my fantasy wrestling team (affectionately dubbed The Golden Murderers) that I realized what is now upon us: Wrestling Season.

November 6th, my friends. In less than a week, the wrestling world will begin its 4-month pilgrimage around the Midwest, over to Vegas, through Evanston and down to Greensboro, through Cedar Falls, and finally ending in Philadelphia. Can you feel it?

Not only is this a new season, it's also a new chapter for Ohio wrestling (and collegiate wrestling in general, for that matter). Ohio State has dominated the state's D1 wrestling scene for the last three years, but that may come to an end with the graduation of Reece Humphrey, Lance Palmer, Dave Rella, Mike Pucillo, and Corey Morrison. They may end up finishing the highest at the NCAA Tournament again this year, but Kent State will certainly make them work for it, and Ohio University should have their best year in quite a while.


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