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2011 NCAA Tournament Results (a.k.a Gold's Supreme Foresight)

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by , 06-27-2010 at 11:59 AM (590 Views)
As I was making these predictions, I found myself being torn several different ways. I'd like these to be somewhat respectable with at least an illusion of objectivity, but I also need to remember my place as an Ohio homer. I don't want to be too outlandish with my predictions, but I also don't want them to be just the same as anyone else's. Without further ado, here they are:

125 Pounds:
1. Brandon Precin, Northwestern
2. Matt McDonough, Iowa
3. Andrew Long, ??????
4. Logan Stieber, Ohio State
5. Zach Sanders, Minnesota
6. Anthony Robles, Arizona State
7. Nic Bedelyon, Kent State
8. Jon Morrison, Okie State

Round of 12:
Brad Pataky, Penn State
Jason Lara, Oregon State
Frank Perelli, Cornell
James Nicholson, Old Dominican

Precin was one of the very best 125 in the country two years ago. I don't think people have forgotten about him, but the fact that there isn't more talk about him makes me feel like people forget just how good he was. I look for him to win it, but I wouldn't be surprised by any of my top 4 winning it. It's tough to say how high Stieber will fly his freshman year, but I think he'll definitely be a mid to high AA guy. Morrison is my sort of bold AA prediction for this weight. I really wanted to pick Pataky as an AA, but didn't.
133 Pounds:
1. Andrew Hochstrasser, Boise State
2. Tyler Graff, Wisconsin
3. Lou Ruggirello, Hofstra
4. Boris Novachkov, Cal Poly
5. Scotti "Doesn't Know" Sentes, Central Michigan
6. Ian Paddock, Ohio State
7. Mike Grey, Cornell
8. Rollie Peterkin, Penn

Round of 12:
Michael Martinez, Wyoming
Kelly Kubec, Oregon State
Tyler Clark, Iowa
David Thorn, Minnesota

Not sure how I feel about listing Peterkin as an AA, but we'll see. Paddock might be considered by bold prediction here, but I feel like last season established him as legit. Either way, I'm pretty confident that, barring injury, he'll be pretty improved from his good true freshman year.

141 Pounds:
1. Kellen Russell, Michigan
2. Jordan Oliver, Okie State
3. Chris Drouin, Iowa State
4. Jimmy Kennedy, Illinois
5. Mike Thorn, Minnesota
6. Tyler Nauman, Pitt
7. Filip Novachkov, Cal Poly
8. Chris Diaz, Virginia Tech

Round of 12:
Michael Mangrum, Oregon State
Germaine Lindsey, Ohio
Chase Skonieczny, Kent State
Collin Palmer, Ohio State

Twice Kellen Russell has entered the NCAA tourney as the #1 seed, twice he has fallen very short of that ranking. Because of that, I'm not sure how I feel about predicting him to win this weight, but I do think he's the "best" wrestler at this weight. Maybe we'll see a much more offensive JO now that he's at a more comfortable weight; either way, I feel comfortable with him at #2. Third might be way too high for Drouin based on last year, but his collapse leaves me so perplexed that I can't but think he'll be back to form next year. No bold AA picks here, but Skonieczny in the round of 12 probably isn't a popular pick. With regards to Collin Palmer, I hope he lives up to this R12 billing.

149 Pounds:
1. Darrion Caldwell, NC State
2. Jason Chamberlain, Boise State
3. Kyle Dake, Cornell
4. Bubba Jenkins, Arizona State
5. Frank Molinaro, Penn State
6. Jamal Parks, Okie State
7. Kevin Levalley, Bucknell
8. Corey Jantzen, Harvard

Round of 12:
Desi Green, Buffalo
James Fleming, Clarion
Donnie Vinson, Binghampton
Mallie Shuster, Kent State

I'll be pretty bummed if Caldwell's career washes up on the shores of injured disappointment after waving so high with potential. If he's healthy, he should have little problem winning this weight. I'm not sure if I have Bubba too high or too low on this list. After his 08-09 season, I said I didn't think he'd AA again, but then the stories of his back spasms came out and he's done well winning university nationals. Shuster will be down at 149 this year, but I don't know if he'll make the round of 12 or not. As much as anything, I put him there because I think he'll be pretty competitive at a weight where he belongs.

157 Pounds:
1. David Taylor, Penn State
2. Colt Sponseller, Ohio State
3. Adam Hall, Boise State
4. Jake Deitchler, Minnesota
5. Steve Fittery, American
6. Jason Welch, Northwestern
7. Bryce Saddoris, Navy
8. Jedd Moore, Virginia

Round of 12:
Kurt Kinser, Indiana
Matt Cathell, Kent State
Dan Gonsor, Mizzou
Justin Lister, Binghampton

I feel immense pressure fulfill my Ohio homerist obligations at this weight. Much like our good friend John the Baptist some millennia ago, I've been preaching and preparing the world for David Taylor's arrival for quite some time now. His neutral defense is pregnable, but he is quite capable from his feet, he's an excellent scrambler, and I think he'll quickly establish himself as one of the best (pound for pound) mat wresters in the country next year. We're in for a treat the next four years.

On the other hand, Sponseller is one of my absolute favorite wrestlers. I'd love to see him win this weight, but the fact is he has proven himself as a March choker. Also, he did not improve nearly as much as I expected him too from his sophomore to his junior year. His mat wrestling is serviceable but sub-par for an elite wrestler, and I'd like to see him develop some offense that's not from a tie. Nonetheless, I like him to make the finals if he shows up mentally in Philly (perhaps a big "if").

Deitchler is a huge X-factor here. I think because of his eligibility crisis last year and all the other fab-freshmen and super-sophs coming up next year, he's not getting the hype he merits. He could make a big splash. If my 1-2 finals combo aren't bold enough, I also have Jedd Moore earning his first AA finish. As a walk-on, Cathell will be at 157 and probably a lot more comfortable (assuming he can stay on the team this time around). I think he'll be good for Kent. I'm not crazy about leaving Kinser out of my AA list, but that's how it ended up.

165 Pounds:
1. Andrew Howe, Wisconsin
2. Jordan Burroughs, Nebraska
3. Mike Miller, Central Mich
4. Alex Meade, Okie State
5. Scott Winston, Rutgers
6. Zach Toal, Mizzou
7. Nick Amuchastegui, Stanford
8. Shane Onufer, Wyoming

Round of 12:
Tony Jameson, Ohio State
Josh Asper, Maryland
Derek St. John, Iowa
Ross Tice, Kent State

Jordan Burrough's lightning quick double leg striking Andrew Howe's rock-solid hips is about as close to an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object as we see in sports. At first I (ever so) slightly favored Burroughs in this matchup, but the combination of his injured knee, increase in weight, and Howe's recent freestyle success has me changing my vote. Perhaps an AA finish is a bit high of a prediction for Toal, but his RS year was impressive. My, the Big 12 will be tough at 165 next year.

I would have predicted Jameson to be an AA at 157, but competing up a weight after being a little outmuscled last year has me skeptical. But the word is that he has grown a lot. After being off the mat for his whole RS year, last year was really his first year of college wrestling. I think (hope) his funk will be cleaned up after another year. Tice was a bit hesitant at first last year after bumping up from 157, but he ended up doing pretty well and winning a match at NCAAs. Maybe the R12 is a bit ambitious, but oh well.

174 Pounds:
1. Chris Henrich, Virginia
2. Mack Lewnes, Cornell
3. Jon Reader, Iowa State
4. Colby Covington, Oregon State
5. Scott Glasser, Minnesota
6. Luke Manuel, Purdue
7. Ben Bennett, Central Mich
8. Ryan DesRoches, Cal Poly

Round of 12:
Mike Benefiel, Okie State
Nick Heflin, Ohio State
Mike Letts, Maryland
Ben Jordan, Wisconsin

Like Kellen Russell, Lewnes has entered his last two NCAA tourneys as the top seed and failed to fulfill that seed. He's been quite dominant the last two seasons, but, as I was explaining on Zapp's thread, Henrich is my pick to win this weight. I was thoroughly impressed with him at NCAAs, and his post-tourney interview left me thinking he would be ready next year. While Lewnes may be one of the p4p best in the country, he's shown that tourney time isn't always his best time. DesRoches, Heflin, and Jordan are my bold predictions. I should probably swap DesRoches and Benefiel, but who cares.

184 Pounds:
1. Dustin Kilgore, Kent State
2. Chris Perry, Okie State
3. Quentin Wright, Penn State
4. Joe LeBlanc, Wyoming
5. Chris Honeycutt, Edinboro
6. Kirk Smith, Boise State
7. Jerome Ward, Iowa State
8. Steve Bosak, Cornell

Round of 12:
Jordan Blanton, Illinois
Nick Purdue, Ohio
Zach Thomouseitt, Pitt
Austin Trotman, Appalachain State

Right now this looks like an incredibly exciting weight. So exciting, in fact, that a couple of the elite guys will probably end up bumping up to 197. I really think my top 6 guys here will all be very close next year. I sort of consider them all 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, and 1f, but that would look a little ridiculous and putting Kilgore #1 is fun.
197 Pounds:
1. Cam Simaz, Cornell
2. Trevor Brandvold, Wisconsin
3. Clayton Foster, Okie State
4. Cayle Byers, George Mason
5. Anthony Biondo, Michigan
6. Sonny Yohn, Minnesota
7. Logan Brown, Purdue
8. Brent Haynes, Mizzou

Round of 12:
CJ Magrum, Ohio State
Erik Schuth, Ohio
Riley Orozco, Cal State Bakersfield
Luke Lofthouse, Iowa

I'm getting tired of writing these paragraphs? I see a decent dropoff after the top 3 here, and that's why I think we'll see a couple guys bump up from 184.

285 Pounds:
1. Dom Bradley, Mizzou
2. Zach Rey, Lehigh
3. Cameron Wade, Penn State
4. Tyrell Fortune, Ohio State
5. Ryan Tomei, Pitt
6. Alan Gelogaev, Okie State
7. Brendan Barlow, Kent State
8. Clayton Jack, Oregon State

Round of 12:
Ben Berhow, Minnesota
DJ Russo, Rutgers
Tucker Lane, Nebraska
Jarrod Trice, Central Mich

Not sure what to expect from Fortune since he won't arrive at tOSU until late December, but he's definitely one of the most talented guys here. At this point I like Bradley to win it. Wish I could have found a spot for Berhow as an AA, but I wanted to make a semi-bold prediction for Clayton Jack.