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A glossary of wrestling terms for the new fan

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by , 04-28-2008 at 05:39 AM (1030 Views)
A glossary of wrestling terms for the new fan

Takedown ? what you do with any Tom Brands quote if you are a smart sports writer.

Single ? what a wrestler is destined to be if not showering after every workout.

Reversal ? The Steve Mocco transfer from Iowa to Oklahoma State as opposed to the Ray Brinzer transfer from Oklahoma State to Iowa.

Pin ? sadly, what you can hear drop at many college dual wrestling meets.

Ball and chain

This week?s musical interlude (No ? I was not at Woodstock, but I seriously tried to go.)

Freestyle ? Rick Sanders, Randy Lewis, Kendall Cross, Ray Brinzer and Ben Askren.

High crotch ? a physical attribute of tall wrestlers.

Twinkie ? a popular wrestling writer (sorry).

Referee?s position ? where the official is standing when he misses the nearfall points.

Stalling ? what the opposition wrestler is doing when there?s not much action.

Duck under ? how many athletic directors use Title IX and APR when faced with budget crises.

A real stud ? (men?s definition) ? Dan Gable, John Smith, Cael Sanderson, Brent Metcalf.

A real stud ? (women?s definition) ? Matt Demaray, Tom Ryan, Mike Zadick (Blue)

?25 pounder ? how J Robinson described the last Northern Pike he caught.

Chicken wing ? what many wrestlers eat after the last match of the season.

Two-on-one ? how many of his collegiate opponents feel when wrestling Brent Metcalf.

A serious reminder ? ESPN is broadcasting a special Tuesday night (4/29) at 9:00 eastern time on the Brandon (FL) High School winning streak. This is the longest such streak of any kind in American sports. During the filming of the documentary the streak was ended by South Dade High School. Please be sure to watch. If we want to have more television wrestling coverage, we need to be sure to watch whenever wrestling is on.

Also, writer, Jason Bryant, has begun a free wrestling blog. You might wish to add it to your daily reading.