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Dart Shark

Figured I'd give this thing a start...

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by , 04-05-2008 at 11:37 PM (2598 Views)
There I was ... staring down at a 34 oz. porterhouse steak at The Majestic in Kansas City.

"Frank Castle" and I are here in KC announcing the Brute-Adidas Nationals ... and right now, Frank is unleashing some bringage on the bathroom after his whimpy 8 oz. strip.

Some drunk people were shouting out of a fourth-floor balcony as we walked back to the hotel. Yeah, I think Kansas won that roundball game tonight.

Lawrence is going nuts ... which is like an hour from here. If I had a car, no question I'd be thinking about moving "Bringsburgh" into the rowdy land of the Jayhawk.

But that's neither here nor there ... I don't have "the itis," but one thing is certain, we're we're both wondering where "Susbats" is.

--> Dart.

P.S. Frankie C also told our own prodigal son of one Furches how to get rid of a rash, just as he thought he was macking on some volleyball chicks in the hotel.

Frank's new nickname could be "Game Killer"


  1. Schlottke's Avatar
    Atta boy Dart, good start!