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A land before wrestling. . .

We're back and running again.

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by , 08-18-2012 at 08:59 PM (15789 Views)
After a long hiatus that lasted all of last season I'm back to blogging and ready to go. A lot has happened in the past year so I'll run down some of the highlights.
After a lot of calling I finally got a meeting with the Sherman High School AD. He shared some good news and some bad news with me.

First the good news: He likes the idea of a wrestling program at Sherman High school and hopes that it can happen. There are some hoops that I need to jump through first:
Start a youth program and maintain it for a couple of years to show that there in interest.
Find the gear (or money for the gear) I guess that all of the gear they used to have was given away, including their mat, warmups, singlets etc
Be able to show that wrestling can be financially affordable when compared to other sports. I guess that last time they had a program the cost per athlete was astronomical. I am not going to share the number that he gave me because there must have been a mistake in someone's math but let's just say it was WAY (like add a zero) higher than any of the other sports.
Secondly I believe that I found a location for our youth wrestling this winter, the best part of that is they won't charge us anything to use it either. More on that later.I really should get back to work.


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    Just now saw this entry. Good to hear that the guy is actually in favor of it. Not sure why it would be so much more expensive though.