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Principles of the Cross Body Ride

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by , 06-05-2010 at 06:38 PM (5485 Views)
Principles of the Cross Body Ride (Special Thanks to Spider)

  • Your outside foot goes between his legs.
  • Hook his near ankle with the toe of your outside foot (grapevine).
  • Your body is perpendicular to his body in the small of his back
  • Near elbow in his armpit.
  • Far hand holding his ankle.
  • Head up and back arched.
  • Your hips always tight to his hips and higher than his.
  • Your body parallel to the mat.
  • Your back foot braces on the mat.


From referee?s position:
Get opponent?s weight on his hands so that he can?t catch your leg as it comes in.
Jam opponent?s near triceps with forearm ? put leg in on near side.
Spiral ride to get his weight on his hands ? put leg in on far side.

From opponent?s sit out:

  • Get your hips in tight to his.
  • Pull his back tight into your chest and put in a leg.
  • To upright yourself, hook your other foot under his ankle, elevate it and roll to a belly-down position.

From opponent?s stand up:

  • Put your leg over his thigh and hook your toe behind his far knee.
  • Drop to your near hip, keeping him tight to your body.
  • Climb up and into your crossbody ride.


Hook your free toe under his far ankle, reach down and grab his far wrist, pull the wrist out and extend his leg. Instead of grabbing the far wrist, you can jam it out from under him.

Put your near elbow in the small of his back and lift his far ankle.


  • Reach down with your near hand and hook the far arm from the inside.
  • Grab the wrist with your other hand, pull it up, and scarf it (duck your head under it). Keep your back arched and your head up.
  • Keeping your hips in tight to his, drop to your hip and reach behind his head. Now you can let go of the wrist.
  • When the referee starts counting for back points, lock your hands around his head at the level of the temple (where his eyeglasses would be), or wrap your arms around his head and hug it.
  • Keep your free leg back for support, pull his head toward you, arch your back into him, and extend your grapevine leg.

If opponent steps out with his far leg:

  • Reach behind his knee with your near arm and bury it up to the elbow.
  • Lock your hands.
  • Step behind him with your free leg, push off, and drop to your hip (not your back).
  • Arch your back into your opponent and push off your back leg.


  • Break opponent down to the far side by using either of the above techniques, or by arching your back into your opponent and throwing your body diagonally across his.
  • Reach back with your near arm and grab his head.
  • Come out with your far knee posted on the mat. Make a triangle with your knees and feet so that one sole is against the other instep.
  • Keep your hip in tight to his.
  • Look away and pull his head toward you, or get a tight whizzer and rotate it towards his shoulder.
  • If he tries to step his trapped leg out, scoop up both legs from the outside and get a double grapevine (Saturday night ride).


  • Push opponent?s far shoulder towards his head with your far hand.
  • With your near hand, reach from the near side and grab his triceps for a good crossface.
  • Pull the crossface and drive off your back leg to break him down into the Jacob?s ride.
  • You can tighten it up by tying up both arms with the crossface arm.


  • Put your near elbow in your opponent?s far ear, and reach in front for his inside triceps. Grab it with your thumb pointing down.
  • Reach across his chest with your far arm, and grab the same triceps from the inside, also with your thumb down.
  • Pull his near arm across his chest with both your arms.
  • Drop to your hip for a guillotine-like pinning position. Do not allow any space between his hip and yours.

You want to control your opponent?s far wrist through his crotch. You can get this by pulling his far arm in from the outside and catch it in the crotch, or you can set it up by going for a guillotine and when he grabs his hip to block, reach thru the crotch and grab the wrist.

  • When you have the wrist thru the crotch, hook his arm with yours up to the elbow, drive off the back foot, drive him forward and pull the arm towards you. Once he?s tilted, push off the back foot and arch into him to prevent him from rolling back over you.

  • If you can?t pull him over, pull your elbow out and into the small of his back, and hook his elbow with your hand. Once he?s over, punch thru and hook his elbow as before.

  • If you can?t pull him over because he drops his far shoulder to the mat, step back with your free foot (put it in your hip pocket), turn your head towards his feet, push off your back foot and roll through.


Power Half Nelson:

  • Put in a power half nelson on the side with the leg in, with your near forearm across his neck and palm up.
  • Lean back to expose his back, pull his arm toward you and push his head away.


  • Crossface with near arm.
  • Post far arm on the mat to keep good elevation.
  • Pull opponent over into a Jacob?s ride.


  • Reach behind his far arm with your near arm, and hook his knee up to your elbow (reach in his pocket).
  • Roll across your back into a split scissors.


  • Reach over his far arm and hook his knee as above.
  • Sag back into a spladle.


Catch the leg

  • Catch the leg from the inside with the same side arm just as he is putting it in.
  • Sitout toward the leg and drop to the opposite shoulder.
  • Turn in, throw the leg up to the ceiling and come out the back door.

Mule kick

  • Kick your foot back and high as the leg comes in.
  • Sitout and turn in for an escape.

Hip smash

  • Reach back with your inside arm and grab his hip.
  • Pull him off you, extned your leg, and smash your inside hip to the mat.
  • Sitout and turn for an escape.

Granby roll

  • Tripod and cross your inside foot in front of your outside foot.
  • Roll across your shoulders and kick your leg out.
  • Turn and face opponent.

Wrist and scoot

  • Reach across your chest with your inside hand, and grab opponent?s near wrist (the one closest to your head). This can usually be done if he?s ?fishing? for a guillotine.
  • Pull his arm across your chest and sit into him.
  • Scoot your hips away to create space, and come up in your own cross body ride.

Grab foot

  • Reach into your crotch with your far arm and grab his foot.
  • Pull it out and across your waist.
  • Drop your inside hip to the mat and get a whizzer.

Hip rotator

  • Lift your outside knee and rotate your hips into your opponent, causing him to bring his back leg up toward your head. Do not let him apply the split scissors.
  • Reach back, grab the ankle of his bracing leg and sit into it.
  • Keep your head up and come around for a reversal

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