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Am I a Dickhead Coach?

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by , 05-15-2008 at 10:33 PM (3144 Views)
Am I a Dickhead Coach?

Now before you go off the deep end on the derogitory title, let me explain. I recently had a kid quit the team and when asked by another wrestler why he quit, he said "Because the coaches are dickheads." The wrestler then asked, why he thought we were dickheads and the kid said "because they want me pass classes and show up for practice." Huh? Are you kidding me? That's how a coach is considered to be a dickhead nowadays? Because we ask the students to do what they should be doing when they come out for a sport or for that matter, the reason why they should even be in school in the first place?

To start, yes I'm a little fired up because I get so tired of listening to the lame excuses kids give for quitting nowadays. Second, I will continue to use the term "dickhead" in this blog to add effect to what I'm about to write. However, in your minds you can replace the term with "Richard noggin."

Anyways, what constitutes being a dickhead coach anymore? I will try to figure it out for us.

Is a dickhead coach someone who shows up for practice everyday, washing the mats, leading the practices, having pep talks when necessary, showing technique, running drills and pushing kids to the limits? Am I a dickhead for wanting them to get the most out of this sport and be good at it?

Am I a dickhead coach for wanting the wrestlers to put in 100% effort, show up for practice on time and work hard?

Is a dickhead coach, someone who spends all spring and summer, taking the kids all over the state to various tournaments and clinics. Or, spending nearly every weekend away from his wife and children in order to build the program. How about spending your birthday driving a van full of kids across the state? Or spending countless hours fundraising in order for their to be money for those kids to even go anywhere in the first place.

Am I a dickhead coach for waking up at 4am, picking up kids until 5am to drive 5 hrs to an all day clinic and then driving back that night, in order to get kids to wrestling clinics or watch college matches? And not once, but many times throughout the year.

Is a dickhead coach someone who spends more of his own money on these trips than has been raised in order to make sure the kids have everything they need?

Is a dickhead coach someone who plans his summer vacation around the time he takes to coach the kids when needed?

Is a dickhead coach, someone who expects his wrestlers to pass all their classes and most times, exceed that expectation, knowing by doing so they will have a brighter future outside of high school? Am I a dickhead for wanting them to get nothing less than a C and if they struggle in the classroom, tutoring them when needed or helping them study?

Am I a dickhead coach for wanting these same wrestlers to go onto college and get a solid education so they to can move on to a better life?

Am I a dickhead coach for getting after kids when they make poor choices?

Am I a dickhead coach for wanting them to be solid citizens outside of school and the wrestling room and representing their program in a positive manner?

If this is what is considered a dickhead now, then I must be the BIGGEST dickhead in the world because I, among many other coaches throughout the state and country fall under these guidelines.

I guess times have changed from when I was in school. There is such a difference in the breed of kids we have around now, that its almost sad. Anyone that seems to want to make them do something positive in their lives, is considered a dickhead. My coach was quite a dickhead when I was coming through our program. He did all the things I just listed and more and I thank him every chance I get for being such a dickhead to me because if he didn't, I'd be just another quitter that never amounted to anything.

So to all you dickhead coaches out their, keep up the great work.

Originally posted on The Oregon Wrestling Forum on November 28, 2007


  1. JakeFox27's Avatar
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    u know what dick head, i like u, and heres why. i know that our coaches can be just plain, to be frank, asses, so when it comes to coaches yelling and pissing us off, ya then u can be dickheads, but that kid just had his head so far up, u know, that he didnt see that u were being a ok guy. so, in the end, u guys are dick heads at times, and thats ok, but noone deserves to be given shit for doing what u do
  2. WrstlrMom's Avatar
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    To all the Richard Noggin are the ones who make a positive difference in these kid's lives. It's the real dickheads that should be questioning themselves.
    You are not one of them.
  3. HEAVY D's Avatar
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    as a coach i can understand your frustration, and yes if everything that we do for our athletes is being a dick head than i am proud to be a dick head also.
    you can not let one kid, who does not have the pride in himself to become a better person, get to you like that,
    you have to focus on the other 100's, that you have the pleasure of crossing their path's, and make them all that they can be, have pride in themselves, there families and communities. help them rise to the top of their potential and become better people.
    believe me on day he will look back at this missed opportunity and say "if i only i could do it over again i would have......."