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"Super Users" now have more options.

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by , 07-21-2008 at 09:31 AM (3072 Views)
You put your time in posting at TWT and now its starting to pay off!

Anyone with over 1,000 posts has been "promoted" to a group called "Super Users". Now, the name is great, but what does it mean?

Super User Benefits
- No Advertisements from 3rd parties
- Priority Forum access (if it bogs down, you're the last to go!)
- Unlimited private messaging (keep everything sent and received)
- 6% off for life (of active membership) at (1999 posts and below)
- 12% off for life (of active membership) at once you reach 2000 posts.
- Live Chat built into front page (unavailable to regular members/guests)
- Unlimited Photos and Photo Albums
- Moderation enhancements (move own threads)

(will add more as I think of them)


  1. ideamark's Avatar
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    How about free valet parking, automatic room upgrades, complimentary cocktails and preferred concert seating? ;-)

  2. Schlottke's Avatar
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    hah! That will probably come around 130,000 posts...
  3. goferphan's Avatar
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    Do I have Super User status? The 7,400 posts AND the fact that I ran the same shitty halls as you at Apple Valley ought to qualify.